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Pharm-Assist F Range GMP Isolator With Steris VHP 1000E Biodecontamination System

Lab Centraal B.V.


Autoclaves, Biosafety and Clean Room Equipment

Postbus 1037
BA Groningen
The Netherlands

+31 50 589 3097

+31 50 589 3098

Email Address:
[email protected]



Pharm-Assist  F  Range GMP Isolator With Steris VHP 1000E Biodecontamination System

Condtion:  Excellent

Price: Negotiable

Features :          

  • Flexible positive pressure isolators for aseptic work with laminar flow critical zone (European GMP Grade A air classification) compliant with the UK guide-lines 'lsolators for Pharmaceutical Applications' and functionally designed for the aseptic handling of pharmaceuticals

  • Two transfer chambers (one on each side).

  • European GMP Grade A (laminar flow) air classification in a clearly defined critical zone 

  • Four Large sleeve ports for greater operator movement 

  • Sterile quick-change glove system which does not compromise the internal atmosphere of the isolator and which can be used with most sizes and types of sterile packed beaded hospital gloves

  • High quality 0.5mm PVC envelope with optical quality vision panel

  • Deep dished, stainless steel base to contain spillages

  • Easy internal surface cleaning

  • Large high air change rate Type Cl (Optional type D) transfer chambers giving rapid clean up of airborne contamination and rapid evaporation of disinfectants

  • Generously sized door openings in transfer chambers to facilitate transfers

  • HEPA filtered inlet and exhaust systems with simple filter changing

  • Support stand with lockable feet

  • Prefilters to extend HEPA life

  • Easy operation with advanced membrane control panel and relayless circuitry

  • Hanging Rail

Steris VHP 1000E Biodecontamination System

VHP 1000ED offers extended duty to maximize production efficiency and enhanced design for improved, more robust operation. 
For low temperature biodecontamination of isolators, workstations, filling lines, rooms, etc. in research, biological safety, and production applications
Select from new control options; expanded feature touch-screen control which can be interfaced with a PLC, or Siemens, or Allen-Bradley PLC.
Unit is mobile for multiple site biodecontamination

Lab Centraal B.V.
Postbus 1037
9701 BA Groningen, The Netherlands
Phone: +31 50 589 3097
Fax: +31 50 589 3098

For More Details :-
Email: [email protected]

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