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micro syringe pump

Healthpower Technology Ltd.


Syringe pump

#304, Red building, Suiwei Industry Zone
Guangdong 518000



Email Address:
[email protected]


Technical Data:

 Flow rate: 0.1ml/h~1200ml/h (0.1ml/h increments, 1ml/h increments when rate is 
over 1000ml/h) 50ml syringe
0.1ml/h~600ml/h (0.1ml/h increments) 30ml syringe
0.1ml/h~399.9ml/h(0.1ml/h increments) 20ml syringe

Bolus rate: 1200ml/h( 50ml syringe)
600ml/h( 30ml syringe)
399ml/h( 20ml syringe) 

Occlusion pressure: 40N,60N

Volumetric accuracy: 2%(drive accuracy 1%) 

Total volume: 9999ml

Limited volume: 9999ml


Range of body weight mode:
Dose rate 0.01~99.99ug/kg/min(0.01ug/kg/min increments)
0. 01~99.99ug/kg/h(0.01mg/kg/h increments)

Body weight: 0.1~300.0kg(0.1kg increments)
Drug: 0.1~999.9mg(0.1mg increments)
Solution: 0.1~999.9ml(0.1ml increments)

Alarm: Nearly empty, Empty, Syringe misplaced or removed, Malfunction, Forget to 
operate after power on, Occlusion, Infusion volume equal to preset volume, Battery 
near finished, Battery finished, AC power failure.

Power: AC220V , 50Hz 
Internal battery 12V 1600mAh Nickel-hydrogen;
Internal battery can work at least 4 hours at the rate of 5ml/h after charged for 16 hours
(refer to IEC60601-2-24).

Operation condition:  

a)Temperature: -5~+40

Transport and store condition:  

b)Humidity: 95%

Dimension: 307(L)*135(D)*128(H)mm
Net weight: 2.1Kg(including internal battery and IV clamp;)

Syringe size: 20ml30ml and 50ml
Syringe type: Total 13disposable syringe brands can be used.

micro syringe pump pic 1

micro syringe pump pic 2

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