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Medical Malpractices   Posted By Brijesh Babu Kolangath    Date : 29-Nov-11   12:49 AM  
Infection control   Posted By Ruby    Date : 05-Nov-11   01:19 AM  
Article on Structure change (HR)   Posted By Dushyant    Date : 14-Mar-11   12:38 AM  
Infection controle in hospital   Posted By Gayathri krishnan    Date : 03-Feb-11   09:15 PM  
Thesis topic   Posted By Apoorva    Date : 20-Dec-10   10:21 AM  
Management of a Trust Hospital on PPP   Posted By Lokanath Dash    Date : 27-Nov-10   05:48 AM  
project for management in hospital   Posted By miss. reddy    Date : 10-Nov-10   03:09 AM  
project topics   Posted By Digumarti Sameera    Date : 28-Oct-10   10:06 AM  
project topic for medical record department   Posted By navyakrishnan    Date : 25-Oct-10   04:08 AM  
Project in hospital constancy   Posted By MANSI PATSARIYA    Date : 22-Oct-10   03:04 AM  
International Conference on Recent Advances and Future Trends in Healthcare Infrastructure and Medic   Posted By Lt Col Madhav Madhusudan Singh    Date : 19-Oct-10   06:32 AM  
International Conference on Recent Advances and Future Trends in Healthcare Infrastructure and Medic   Posted By DR M M SINGH    Date : 19-Oct-10   06:35 AM  
CSSD planning in a speciality hospital   Posted By NAVEEN JAIN    Date : 18-Oct-10   09:05 AM  
List of statutory requirements for hospitals   Posted By Md Shamsh Tabrez    Date : 22-Sep-10   11:56 AM  
project in hospital administration   Posted By SARANYA    Date : 10-Aug-10   11:20 PM  
Fwd: Regarding M.Sc. Hospital Administration project   Posted By Navya Krishnan    Date : 04-Aug-10   10:00 AM  
Hospita Admn   Posted By Dr Jawahar    Date : 05-Jul-10   08:27 PM  
project topic   Posted By sreekanth p v    Date : 05-Jul-10   01:25 PM  
Regarding Procedure charge fixation   Posted By Kawaljit    Date : 10-May-10   12:41 AM  
Nursing Charges   Posted By Lokanath Dash    Date : 08-May-10   07:53 AM  
Hospital Administration   Posted By ATUL    Date : 21-Jan-10   10:38 AM  
Biomedical Engineering   Posted By Maria Eaibeen    Date : 29-Dec-09   02:10 AM  
medical records department   Posted By pradnya    Date : 28-Dec-09   06:09 AM  
inpatient ward management   Posted By candice    Date : 22-Dec-09   05:35 AM  
project in purchase department   Posted By Amal vimalan    Date : 17-Dec-09   11:51 PM  
nursing satisfaction role   Posted By D. Sachinkumar    Date : 06-Dec-09   12:46 AM  
patient satisfaction tips in general   Posted By sachinkumar    Date : 29-Nov-09   01:36 AM  
Thesis - CABG Costing   Posted By Sameer Mehrotra    Date : 28-Nov-09   05:06 AM  
Project Topic in Quality and Accreditation   Posted By satender singh rawat    Date : 30-Oct-09   01:47 PM  
Why Can't Indians Get Health Care Right?   Posted By Purshottam Hoovayya    Date : 17-Aug-09   10:40 AM  
Publich Health Managers(Govt Hospital managres)Vs Private Hospital managers   Posted By Purshottam Hoovayya    Date : 09-Aug-09   04:01 AM  
TPA project   Posted By Arijit sahani    Date : 13-Jul-09   09:14 AM  
List of statutory requirements for hospitals   Posted By kawaljit    Date : 10-Jul-09   12:53 AM  
OPD Project   Posted By Shikha Saha    Date : 06-Jul-09   04:16 AM  
ranking of annamalai university   Posted By Banmeet Uppal    Date : 07-Jun-09   02:57 AM  
telemedicine   Posted By Purnima Helekar    Date : 05-May-09   01:00 AM  
Hospital Administration India   Posted By Dr Mahesh Devnani    Date : 19-Apr-09   06:16 AM  
Safety of Hospital & Healthcare Institutions.   Posted By Prem Prakash    Date : 18-Apr-09   08:46 AM  
jobs for hospital administrators   Posted By anupam chauhan    Date : 07-Apr-09   03:30 AM  
Project work.   Posted By Dr.Vedanth.M.S.    Date : 26-Mar-09   10:46 AM  
question on marketing   Posted By major [ dr] m m singh    Date : 26-Mar-09   11:58 PM  
alternate careers   Posted By Dr Kavita    Date : 16-Mar-09   04:24 AM  
Accreditation:Critical Issues ?   Posted By Maj (Dr) Sameer Mehrotra    Date : 15-Mar-09   12:13 AM  
BPR as productivity tool in hospitals operations management   Posted By Dr. Adil Hussain    Date : 26-Feb-09   04:21 AM  
Health Records Conference in India 2010   Posted By Bhanot    Date : 26-Feb-09   03:09 PM  
Legal acceptance of digital medical records in hospitals & patient care?   Posted By Sameer Mehrotra    Date : 22-Feb-09   02:52 AM  
Project   Posted By Dr Murli Janardan Sabath    Date : 16-Feb-09   07:01 AM  
accreditation   Posted By sheeba Bhaskar    Date : 12-Feb-09   12:06 AM  
Medical Tourism   Posted By Purshottam Hoovayya    Date : 25-Dec-08   01:52 AM  
Medical Tourism   Posted By Purshottam Hoovayya    Date : 24-Dec-08   12:06 PM  
Hospital infection Vs Cost Control   Posted By Brijesh Babu    Date : 23-Dec-08   01:26 AM  
SANT'E FUTUR 2009   Posted By Paniel    Date : 23-Dec-08   12:32 PM  
project work   Posted By DR K SHASHI KALA    Date : 05-Dec-08   04:57 AM  
Inviting for International conference   Posted By amjad parvez    Date : 13-Nov-08   05:23 AM  
project work topic   Posted By Dr Kavita    Date : 06-Nov-08   02:27 AM  
Support Services   Posted By Tushar    Date : 27-Oct-08   11:35 PM  
"NO CURE WITHOUT CARE"   Posted By Paniel    Date : 13-Oct-08   05:55 AM  
Public Private Partnership   Posted By Prem Prakash    Date : 30-Sep-08   09:58 AM  
IMS, D.A.UNIVERSITY,INDORE rocks in Hospital Administration   Posted By Vikas Aggarwal    Date : 05-Sep-08   08:53 AM  
Laws Applicable to Hospitals   Posted By Paniel    Date : 21-Aug-08   11:57 PM  
Hepa Filters for OT   Posted By Brijesh Babu Kolangath    Date : 20-Aug-08   07:57 AM  
Healthcare HR Survey   Posted By Paniel J    Date : 11-Aug-08   04:27 AM  
health care support services   Posted By Bhawna Singh    Date : 16-Jul-08   07:15 AM  
Non profit Pharma in developing countries to combat AIDS?   Posted By SS    Date : 15-Jul-08   06:36 AM  
International Conference on Medical Records MEDRECON  2009   Posted By Paniel    Date : 15-Jul-08   11:24 PM  
DNB question papers   Posted By Dr.Ajay Rotte    Date : 16-Jun-08   02:06 PM  
hospital administration   Posted By satindr joshi    Date : 01-Jun-08   06:11 AM  
patient tracking   Posted By binesh    Date : 16-Apr-08   05:36 AM  
Health Information Portal   Posted By Anupam Choudhary    Date : 09-Apr-08   01:07 AM  
How to establish a kidney dialysis unit   Posted By Shwetha    Date : 29-Mar-08   05:03 AM  
MEDICAL TOURISM   Posted By Vivek Shukla    Date : 29-Mar-08   07:02 AM  
Revealing Healthcare Marketing Mysteries by Paniel   Posted By Paniel    Date : 28-Mar-08   10:08 PM  
Healthcare Quality in india   Posted By Suvankar    Date : 24-Mar-08   07:04 AM  
Challenges of Rural Based Hospital services marketing   Posted By JEYAKUMAR    Date : 20-Mar-08   12:02 PM  
Details required for Health Insurance   Posted By Shwetha Kurup    Date : 19-Mar-08   10:34 AM  
Department of Hospital Administration,. AIIMS   Posted By Prem Prakash    Date : 17-Mar-08   03:30 AM  
hospital or health management?   Posted By shweta    Date : 17-Mar-08   04:13 AM  
REQUEST   Posted By Amjad parvez MBA    Date : 15-Mar-08   09:07 AM  
How to stop thefts taking place in hospitals   Posted By shwethakurup    Date : 11-Mar-08   11:04 AM  
ICU Beds need   Posted By jsmurli    Date : 07-Mar-08   09:31 AM  
Hospital standards.   Posted By Prem Prakash    Date : 06-Mar-08   03:11 AM  
medical tourism   Posted By binesh    Date : 05-Mar-08   02:21 AM  
designing process for Operation Rooms.   Posted By kishore    Date : 04-Mar-08   07:12 AM  
MEDICAL TOURISM   Posted By Amjad parvez    Date : 20-Feb-08   05:11 AM  
MEDICAL TOURISM   Posted By AMJAD PARVEZ MBA STUDENT    Date : 20-Feb-08   05:19 AM  
MEDICAL TOURISM   Posted By AMJAD PARVEZ MBA STUDENT    Date : 20-Feb-08   05:22 AM  
"Bill of Rights" for Hospital Staff?   Posted By Anon    Date : 04-Feb-08   05:54 PM  
Hospital planning   Posted By murlijs    Date : 20-Jan-08   03:11 AM  
Top Ranked University in Hospital Administration.   Posted By Dr Vijay Mehra    Date : 19-Jan-08   02:00 AM  
North Karnataka - Health Care Activities   Posted By Dr Deepak Megeri UK    Date : 18-Jan-08   04:36 PM  
Hospital Administration and Health Management courses   Posted By Kedar Hibare    Date : 11-Jan-08   01:53 AM  
Data security concerns in electronic patient data   Posted By Dr. Suman Bhusan Bhattacharyya    Date : 07-Jan-08   11:30 AM  
eInformation Systems, Security & Audit Association of India   Posted By Dr Sanjay Bedi    Date : 07-Jan-08   11:34 AM  
Health Insurance   Posted By Brijesh Babu K G    Date : 24-Dec-07   10:04 AM  
Patient Identification   Posted By Renjith Krishnan    Date : 27-Nov-07   08:49 AM  
Strategies to increase the outpatient load   Posted By Renjith Krishnan    Date : 27-Nov-07   09:19 AM  
Healthcare-IT Blog   Posted By Dr Pankaj Gupta    Date : 22-Nov-07   07:21 AM  
Hospital Management Conference Looking for speakers   Posted By Paniel Jayant Amen    Date : 22-Nov-07   07:23 AM  
Indian Healthcare IT market   Posted By Nitin Verma    Date : 30-Oct-07   12:03 AM  
One day seminar on Hospital Support Services   Posted By Nishant Jaiswal    Date : 30-Oct-07   12:05 AM  
Healthcare Drivers in India - Some Questions?   Posted By Dr Pankaj Gupta    Date : 30-Oct-07   11:16 PM  
Initiative taken by MCI to regulate Hospital administration.   Posted By Prem Prakash    Date : 13-Oct-07   09:21 AM  
Suggestion for improving hospital quality standards   Posted By Prem Prakash    Date : 30-Sep-07   05:57 AM  
Medico legal death - issues involved   Posted By Antony C.D.    Date : 28-Sep-07   10:54 AM  
Ethics, Duty & Responsibility   Posted By praveen s    Date : 27-Sep-07   08:06 AM  
Job Profile; Job Descriptions   Posted By Mahesh    Date : 26-Sep-07   02:31 AM  
Information on conferrence, Workshop, short term training programmes on Hospital Administration   Posted By Dr.N.K.Pathak    Date : 21-Sep-07   12:17 AM  
Fumigation   Posted By Brijesh Babu    Date : 08-Sep-07   03:12 AM  
My New Address   Posted By Vishal Indurkhya    Date : 21-Aug-07   12:00 AM  
Hospital Designing   Posted By Viswajit Gupta    Date : 18-Aug-07   01:58 AM  
Relevance of Current Hospital Planning Standards   Posted By PREM PRAKASH    Date : 15-Aug-07   10:55 AM  
Has Six Sigma a Role in Healthcare   Posted By Dr. Praneet Kumar    Date : 28-Jul-07   03:06 AM  
Open Source Hospital Information Systems -   Posted By Vipen Mahajan    Date : 27-Jul-07   03:53 PM  
CLINICAL TRIALS   Posted By P Prakash    Date : 26-Jul-07   05:40 AM  
Health Practices in India   Posted By prem prakash    Date : 19-Jul-07   10:52 AM  
HOSPITAL ADMINISTRATION   Posted By prem prakash    Date : 09-Jul-07   09:20 AM  
general   Posted By prem prakash    Date : 20-May-07   09:39 AM  
Quality certification headache or Boon ?   Posted By prem prakash    Date : 18-May-07   03:59 AM  
health Insurance? problem to everyone.   Posted By prem prakash    Date : 18-May-07   04:06 AM  
How safe is digital medical record in hospital & patient care?   Posted By prem prakash    Date : 09-May-07   07:23 AM  
marekting strategies for a superspecialty hospital (ophthalmology)   Posted By shwetha    Date : 18-Apr-07   07:40 AM  
how to balance the semplence in administration and harmony in a hospital   Posted By Dr.Balachandra H Kkeni    Date : 28-Dec-05   08:05 PM  
pricing & competitiveness   Posted By Dr. Sanjeev K. Singh    Date : 24-Dec-05   04:29 AM  

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