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artificial eye   Posted By rahul sinha    Date : 15-Sep-10   09:39 AM  
will we(b.optm) be apllicable to sit for the PSC exam in the post PMOA in west bengal?   Posted By subrata singh    Date : 28-Jan-10   02:10 AM  
incidence of refractive errors in mentally challenged patients   Posted By aishwarya potnis    Date : 05-Dec-09   11:10 PM  
design & optics of progressive contact lenses   Posted By aishwarya potnis    Date : 03-Dec-09   08:12 PM  
independent practice   Posted By girish    Date : 17-Nov-09   01:24 PM  
Correspondence Degree course (Distance Mode) in Optometry   Posted By sanjay    Date : 18-Sep-09   05:57 AM  
independent practice   Posted By girish    Date : 30-Aug-09   01:44 PM  
bridging program in waterloo university   Posted By namit    Date : 21-Aug-09   01:14 PM  
m.phil   Posted By girish    Date : 10-Aug-09   04:03 AM  
information about the addmision in third year of optometry   Posted By Ojas choudhary    Date : 09-Aug-09   03:20 PM  
reg- m sc. and masters   Posted By JAYA RASTOGI    Date : 27-Jul-09   12:19 AM  
enlightening the field of optometry   Posted By debaleena datta    Date : 14-Feb-09   04:40 AM  
m.optm,m.phil   Posted By moumita    Date : 13-Dec-08   12:43 PM  
how to write optical business plan   Posted By kanhaiya chaudhari    Date : 08-Dec-08   11:13 AM  
Vision Council of India   Posted By Arijit Chakraborty    Date : 01-Sep-08   05:05 AM  
Jackson's cross Cylender   Posted By sanjay    Date : 31-Jul-08   12:07 PM  
school eye check programme   Posted By sanjay    Date : 18-Jul-08   04:21 AM  
school eye check up   Posted By sanjay    Date : 17-Jul-08   08:05 AM  
about further study   Posted By amita    Date : 28-Jun-08   05:40 AM  
strabismus. Treatment and Management   Posted By sanjay    Date : 26-Jun-08   12:08 PM  
B.OPTM.   Posted By ABHISHEK    Date : 11-Jun-08   06:59 AM  
Accomadative / Pheriperal vision problem   Posted By Bala    Date : 08-Jun-08   07:16 AM  
problem with spectacles   Posted By venugopal    Date : 01-Jun-08   10:29 AM  
optometry information   Posted By hardik makwana    Date : 06-May-08   03:20 AM  
regarding high order aberrations   Posted By PREETHABALAJI    Date : 28-Feb-08   01:04 AM  
x-chrome lenses   Posted By rahul saigal    Date : 29-Aug-07   08:14 AM  
contact lense   Posted By khalid ch    Date : 30-Oct-04   01:53 AM  
optometry..contact lenses   Posted By geetal shah    Date : 14-Jun-02   11:38 PM  

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