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below knee pain   Posted By Farouk AbuZnaid    Date : 25-Apr-10   04:24 PM  
physio therapy after patella fracture   Posted By Saurabh    Date : 13-Feb-10   04:51 AM  
ankle pain with weightbearing and with dorsiflexion   Posted By Shanta    Date : 08-Dec-09   12:19 AM  
what are some of the occapational hazards in physiotherapy   Posted By rolanda    Date : 26-Nov-08   05:15 AM  
epilepsy   Posted By rakhi    Date : 12-Nov-08   03:59 AM  
Treatment for lissencephaly   Posted By azhar aleem khan    Date : 16-Oct-08   12:40 AM  
hyperactive   Posted By PAVAN GARG    Date : 20-Jul-08   07:16 AM  
tell your experience.....   Posted By fagun    Date : 08-Jul-08   12:50 AM  
problem in left leg   Posted By sankari    Date : 18-Jun-08   07:34 AM  
Chronic RA..   Posted By Dr Ajay verma    Date : 11-May-08   12:55 PM  
hand shaking   Posted By subhashish das    Date : 30-Mar-08   12:19 PM  
tannis elbow   Posted By pooja    Date : 26-Mar-08   08:54 PM  
Election   Posted By Dr. Deepak Kumar    Date : 25-Feb-08   07:58 PM  
B.P.T.   Posted By NAISHAL    Date : 22-Feb-08   11:10 AM  
what is the treatment for numbness   Posted By sam chacko    Date : 11-Feb-08   01:37 AM  
stroke   Posted By Sam Chacko    Date : 25-Dec-07   10:02 AM  
POST ARTHROSCOPY PAIN   Posted By veda    Date : 16-Jul-07   10:52 AM  
female of age of 36 years having desease called motor neuron diseased & having feature of dysarthia,   Posted By Dr IrshadJariwaal    Date : 14-Jul-07   04:58 AM  
Headache   Posted By Vivek    Date : 16-Jun-07   12:56 PM  
Physical Therapy and "Quacks"   Posted By Deepak Nandy, RPT, CWS, FCCWS(USA)    Date : 19-Jan-07   11:08 AM  
musculoskeletal disorders affecting physiotherapists   Posted By fagun    Date : 15-Jan-07   09:25 AM  
diastasis recti   Posted By sheena.s    Date : 22-Jun-06   07:07 AM  
chest p t   Posted By fagun    Date : 20-Jun-06   06:27 AM  
capsular stretching   Posted By chaitanya mohan suri    Date : 01-Apr-06   08:30 AM  
severe pain in back since 2 year   Posted By deepti mishra    Date : 20-Nov-05   08:00 PM  
skin problem   Posted By Manoj    Date : 01-Aug-05   12:08 PM  
physiotherapy in low b.p patient with chest pain   Posted By    Date : 29-Jul-05   01:26 PM  
lateral dislocation of patella   Posted By DEEPAK NANDY    Date : 18-Jun-05   05:12 PM  
tennis elbow treatment in physiotherapy   Posted By nusrat    Date : 02-Jun-05   04:31 AM  
Diabetic Wound Management   Posted By Deepak Nandy    Date : 05-Mar-05   01:37 PM  
HIV/ AIDS, disability and rehabilitation   Posted By Ritu Bhatewara    Date : 10-Feb-04   07:43 AM  
role of phsiotherapy in bronchial asthma   Posted By sonia    Date : 05-Apr-03   07:37 AM  
Hand Condition of a Six years old girl   Posted By Mrs. Eunice Aghanya    Date : 21-Jan-02   10:37 PM  

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