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One kidney   Posted By Kuldeep Varma    Date : 29-Apr-11   11:39 AM  
hyperkalemia   Posted By sanjay pandey    Date : 08-Dec-10   07:38 AM  
piles   Posted By aarifa    Date : 08-Feb-10   04:07 AM  
prostate problem   Posted By Dr sukhwant malhi    Date : 20-Aug-09   09:58 AM  
Stone at right VUJ and Several in Left Pelvis   Posted By Nimesh    Date : 08-Jun-09   08:47 AM  
problem in complete urine discharge leading to pus formation   Posted By arvind    Date : 18-May-09   03:22 AM  
Uretheral Strictures   Posted By SANJIV DUGGAL    Date : 01-May-09   04:56 AM  
phimosi   Posted By ABHISHEK    Date : 02-Mar-09   12:11 PM  
frequent urination and whitish penile discharge during stool from cooper's gland (prostate)   Posted By raj    Date : 26-Dec-08   12:09 AM  
Testicular Discomfort   Posted By Suresh    Date : 09-Nov-08   05:42 PM  
High Creatine   Posted By Ajay singh    Date : 25-Aug-08   08:52 AM  
rx of early localised prostate cancer   Posted By Jyoti    Date : 14-Jun-08   08:01 AM  
Need urgent help - azoospermia   Posted By prakash    Date : 06-Jun-08   02:57 AM  
urology probel stone in ureter   Posted By S K NEMA    Date : 07-May-08   04:43 AM  
Erection problem in penis   Posted By anshu    Date : 17-Apr-08   03:36 AM  
azospermia   Posted By drtushar prajapati    Date : 08-Mar-08   07:25 AM  
phimosis & curved penis   Posted By Raju    Date : 04-Mar-08   04:26 AM  
Foreskin   Posted By Raghu    Date : 02-Mar-08   02:50 AM  
suffering from e.coil   Posted By gunjan    Date : 17-Jan-08   10:17 AM  
Urologists in pune   Posted By Ashish    Date : 21-Dec-07   12:59 AM  
Boil in the male reproductory organ   Posted By Ashish    Date : 21-Dec-07   12:51 AM  
frequent urination   Posted By akanksha    Date : 03-Nov-07   07:04 AM  
uncontrolled flow of urine during day time   Posted By HS SODHI    Date : 31-Aug-07   03:40 AM  
Erectile Dysfunction   Posted By Vikrant    Date : 21-Aug-07   04:35 AM  
kidney problem (high createne 5)   Posted By sanjeev    Date : 20-Aug-07   12:16 AM  
E.Coli   Posted By manoj    Date : 29-Jun-07   02:36 AM  
testis disorder   Posted By mohit    Date : 27-Jun-07   03:38 AM  
sexual health   Posted By Raunak    Date : 07-Mar-07   11:20 AM  
Curve in Penis   Posted By Vikram    Date : 01-Feb-07   02:32 AM  
Testis disorder   Posted By Sameer Ul-Haq    Date : 08-Jan-07   09:26 AM  
Robotic Prostatecomy   Posted By shreya    Date : 08-Dec-06   11:11 AM  
Prostate Cancer & Overactive Bladder   Posted By Md. Sayadul Hoque    Date : 19-Nov-06   11:07 PM  
Bed wet   Posted By Narayana    Date : 09-Oct-06   05:45 AM  
what is micro penis?   Posted By vinod    Date : 31-Jul-06   01:30 PM  
Re : Urologist with Male Infertility Specialization   Posted By tauheed ahmed khan    Date : 30-Jul-06   06:24 PM  
Urologist with Male Infertility Specialization   Posted By Reddi    Date : 27-Jul-06   04:40 PM  
Regarding Hydrocele   Posted By Radhakrishna    Date : 19-Jul-06   01:06 AM  
prostate problem   Posted By p.c.mohan    Date : 12-Feb-06   11:37 AM  
Testis Disorder/Uncomfort   Posted By Wasim    Date : 04-Dec-05   02:40 AM  
Conception Problem   Posted By Mr. Joe    Date : 01-Nov-05   01:49 AM  
black patches on penis   Posted By sameer kumar    Date : 02-Dec-04   06:17 AM  
Urology Problem   Posted By Razi    Date : 25-Nov-04   07:34 AM  
Post micturation dribbling   Posted By Abolyosr    Date : 26-Feb-04   07:34 AM  
Renal insufficiency urgent   Posted By Ashwin    Date : 12-Mar-02   12:19 AM  

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