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Chest tb,Tbm, At, cervicalsdv tb   Posted By Manish    Date : 02-Nov-11   06:05 AM  
marchiafava bignami diease type b   Posted By gaurav    Date : 14-Sep-11   01:50 PM  
marchiafava bignami diease type b   Posted By gaurav    Date : 14-Sep-11   01:49 PM  
Seizure disorder   Posted By Amit    Date : 07-Jul-11   12:29 PM  
generic or reserch brands   Posted By kishor    Date : 30-May-11   11:10 AM  
Queries reg Epilepsy   Posted By Saras    Date : 05-Jan-11   07:51 AM  
L1 vertebra displaced 7mm spondylolisthesis   Posted By Vikas    Date : 07-Oct-10   12:10 PM  
Parkinsons   Posted By Alok    Date : 31-Aug-10   12:45 AM  
epilepsy   Posted By K. Alakesan    Date : 25-Aug-10   08:13 PM  
*Trigeminal Neuralgia* - Need advice   Posted By Satyajit Paul    Date : 23-Jun-10   02:59 AM  
eplipsy   Posted By preeti    Date : 23-Apr-10   02:32 AM  
Amino acids imbalance   Posted By Rajashaker    Date : 13-Apr-10   11:08 AM  
plz help Aayush   Posted By Aayush    Date : 14-Mar-10   08:17 AM  
left hand weeknes & right leg nubness   Posted By sugaib    Date : 13-Feb-10   02:58 PM  
Excessive Aspartic acid   Posted By Rajashakar    Date : 10-Nov-09   02:30 AM  
nutritional supplement   Posted By sham dodiya    Date : 24-Sep-09   05:37 AM  
no dygnosis of disease   Posted By vaishali Modi    Date : 05-Sep-09   01:58 AM  
Urgent Help Required-Left hand Weakness   Posted By Dwarika Parsad    Date : 03-Aug-09   02:10 PM  
What i do ?   Posted By JP    Date : 02-Aug-09   08:27 AM  
neurology   Posted By paridhi pradhan    Date : 08-Jun-09   05:38 AM  
details required   Posted By VENKAT    Date : 01-Jun-09   02:09 AM  
BEningn Fasciculation   Posted By Ajay    Date : 16-May-09   06:31 AM  
heavyness in my head   Posted By vishal koul    Date : 25-Mar-09   01:51 AM  
MRI or EEG?   Posted By aman    Date : 21-Mar-09   06:29 PM  
Sensations in the legs   Posted By Siddharth Shresth    Date : 18-Feb-09   07:46 AM  
neostigmine test   Posted By nina    Date : 24-Jan-09   12:21 PM  
Pain in head   Posted By Anil kumar    Date : 18-Nov-08   01:09 AM  
headache problem   Posted By sahilperiwal    Date : 15-Nov-08   11:01 AM  
Levera   Posted By Sheetal    Date : 10-Nov-08   05:12 AM  
Schizoprenia   Posted By Anand    Date : 21-Oct-08   01:56 AM  
Drugs for FONTRO TEMPRORAL DEMENTIA   Posted By Amitava Sengupta    Date : 05-Sep-08   08:15 AM  
FONRTO TEMPRORAL DEMENTIA   Posted By Amitava Sengupta    Date : 02-Sep-08   04:13 AM  
altered sensation   Posted By ln    Date : 01-Aug-08   05:28 AM  
Hemeperesis - Hemiperesis   Posted By sunil    Date : 15-Jul-08   05:46 AM  
multiple sclerosis   Posted By pnmurali    Date : 10-Jul-08   05:19 AM  
Problem Of Eye Lid Drooping and Difficulty in climbing height of more than 1 foot   Posted By Dhananjay Mehta    Date : 24-Jun-08   02:13 AM  
BRAIN ATTROPY   Posted By JAI RAM DAS    Date : 20-Jun-08   06:23 AM  
periodic pulsation in legs   Posted By Anurag Arora    Date : 20-May-08   09:53 AM  
hipocampell sclerosis   Posted By Mrs. Aradhana Choudhoury    Date : 02-May-08   05:30 AM  
Strange spasms   Posted By Spasmman    Date : 15-Apr-08   08:12 AM  
Transverse myelitis   Posted By Poonam Mahadev Thapa    Date : 28-Mar-08   09:19 AM  
Migrain   Posted By Santwana    Date : 26-Mar-08   10:03 AM  
Trigeminal Neuralgia   Posted By Sanjay Gupta    Date : 11-Mar-08   12:06 AM  
MND   Posted By Yogesh    Date : 05-Mar-08   12:40 PM  
paralysis due to cox   Posted By Nandan    Date : 29-Feb-08   05:35 AM  
Father suspected to have ALS   Posted By Shanthi    Date : 14-Feb-08   11:42 AM  
Migraine and weakness in left brain   Posted By Mukesh Aggarwal    Date : 23-Jan-08   01:23 AM  
Request for consultation   Posted By Mukesh Aggarwal    Date : 20-Jan-08   01:41 AM  
Numbness & tingling in in my right hand   Posted By Nandita    Date : 08-Jan-08   04:59 AM  
sCJD   Posted By Ranjitha Subramanian    Date : 07-Jan-08   02:34 AM  
Krebbs treatment   Posted By Sonu    Date : 15-Nov-07   09:21 AM  
hippocampal sclerosis   Posted By s.k.misra    Date : 03-Nov-07   09:14 PM  
Parkinson's/ALS   Posted By Prasant    Date : 12-Oct-07   10:04 AM  
Tinglinging in Limbs and Weekness   Posted By prasant    Date : 25-Sep-07   08:55 AM  
Epilepsy   Posted By amit kumar    Date : 19-Sep-07   08:21 AM  
Epilepsy ?   Posted By AKHIL    Date : 17-Sep-07   07:49 AM  
about Levipil and epilepsy   Posted By Ashwin    Date : 28-Aug-07   10:11 AM  
Epilepsy   Posted By amit rai    Date : 08-Feb-07   03:07 AM  
Where to refer a child patient   Posted By Dr Bareen    Date : 30-Jan-07   02:26 AM  
Regarding palsy   Posted By Anil kumar    Date : 16-Oct-06   01:03 AM  
Epilepsy   Posted By Archana    Date : 01-Aug-06   01:15 PM  
Subarachnoid Hemorrhage due to head injury   Posted By Soyaf Yousuf    Date : 10-May-06   07:09 AM  
pachymeningitis   Posted By kulla    Date : 07-Apr-06   12:02 PM  
treatment of epilepsy   Posted By S. ROY    Date : 23-Feb-06   05:33 AM  
Urgent reply need (epilepsy)   Posted By Rohit    Date : 11-Jan-06   07:18 AM  
Parkinson's for the past 20 yrs.   Posted By H R Bhatia    Date : 23-Sep-05   05:23 AM  
plastic and cosmetic surgery   Posted By soumyojit sen    Date : 15-Aug-05   04:40 AM  
Apinal Cord : L4/5 & L3/4   Posted By Mrs. Rokeya Begum    Date : 09-Jul-02   09:12 PM  
Occipital Nerve Stimulation for Intractable Headaches   Posted By Lesco Rogers, MD    Date : 25-Nov-00   09:38 PM  

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