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Moya Moya in infant   Posted By Amit    Date : 23-Dec-11   05:15 AM  
Brain Haemorrage   Posted By S.N. Jha    Date : 14-Aug-11   10:27 PM  
MVD surgery   Posted By asha    Date : 16-Jun-11   11:05 AM  
Dr Ketan Desai - Hinduja   Posted By Amar    Date : 27-Nov-10   03:14 AM  
Meningioma -- Help Me   Posted By Shail    Date : 06-Sep-10   05:58 AM  
old patient you had operated for shunt placement in his brain.   Posted By Rishubh Kochar    Date : 25-Aug-10   11:36 PM  
nas problem   Posted By sumit kumar    Date : 02-Jul-10   03:30 AM  
dignosis   Posted By meer patil    Date : 02-May-10   01:34 PM  
Who is the BEST Neurosurgeon Ravi Bhatia or A K Banerjee from Appollo   Posted By Shailendra    Date : 18-Mar-10   10:31 AM  
Hyper-active/ chronic epilepsy   Posted By Aayush    Date : 14-Mar-10   07:55 AM  
pheripheral surgeries   Posted By arvind    Date : 07-Mar-10   07:52 AM  
Dr.Marthanda Pillai   Posted By Manoj.C.V.    Date : 05-Mar-10   04:36 AM  
Best Neurosurgeon for Brain Aneurysm Surgery   Posted By Shailendra    Date : 22-Feb-10   08:48 AM  
AV malformation   Posted By Manoj C.V.    Date : 21-Feb-10   06:14 AM  
Openion About Vijendra K Jain Neurosurgeon.   Posted By Shailendra    Date : 18-Feb-10   05:53 AM  
Help Me urgently Regarding Aneursym of 4 MM   Posted By Shailendra Singh    Date : 10-Feb-10   02:18 AM  
Opinion about Dr. Raj Kumar   Posted By Vivek    Date : 07-Sep-09   11:54 AM  
Nerves starts vibrating in my face quite often   Posted By sri    Date : 02-May-09   07:24 AM  
Brain Tumor   Posted By Indranil Nath    Date : 26-Dec-08   01:33 PM  
Gamma knife or RF lesion   Posted By divesh    Date : 23-Dec-08   07:40 AM  
Head Injury   Posted By manik    Date : 26-Nov-08   02:36 AM  
CASE   Posted By dr manju kumar    Date : 19-Oct-08   03:20 PM  
suggestion about post operated CVJ anameli   Posted By Gaurav Kumar    Date : 07-Oct-08   03:32 AM  
tigeminal neuralgia (MVD)   Posted By divesh gupta    Date : 06-Oct-08   02:44 AM  
Hand surgery   Posted By Shiv Raj Singh    Date : 08-Aug-08   01:06 AM  
Opinon about Prof B S Sharma,AIIMS Neuro   Posted By Srinivas    Date : 31-Jul-08   05:45 AM  
delhi-pituitary microadenoma   Posted By Dr.Garima Khurana    Date : 23-Jul-08   09:27 AM  
Tingling and numbness in my right hand in last two fingers   Posted By ATiwari    Date : 27-Jun-08   05:11 AM  
Mild Scoliosis of Lumber Spine   Posted By Aqeel    Date : 18-Jun-08   04:34 AM  
regarding pain   Posted By Paramjit Kaur    Date : 01-Jun-08   11:57 AM  
disc bulge   Posted By vasant kumar    Date : 22-May-08   11:31 AM  
Trigeminal Neuralgia   Posted By V.B.Raju    Date : 03-May-08   05:45 AM  
Trigeminal Neuralgia   Posted By divesh    Date : 29-Apr-08   03:52 AM  
Suffering from neuro opthalmic problem   Posted By Priyanka Sahu    Date : 19-Mar-08   07:24 AM  
Dr.Aruna's Case   Posted By Poornima Vijayan    Date : 19-Mar-08   09:23 PM  
whats u'r diagnosis   Posted By gilbertraj    Date : 18-Mar-08   10:29 PM  
Disc Slip of L4 and L5   Posted By Tarakant Prakash    Date : 11-Mar-08   02:11 AM  
Trigeminal Neuralgia   Posted By Sanjay Gupta    Date : 04-Mar-08   05:32 AM  
Pnemocele brain - spontaneous   Posted By Dr.P.K.Jha    Date : 28-Feb-08   05:17 PM  
Mild scoliosis of lumbar spine   Posted By Monesh Gupta    Date : 26-Feb-08   07:01 AM  
Mild scoliosis of lumbar spine   Posted By Monesh Gupta    Date : 26-Feb-08   09:37 AM  
need ur advice   Posted By kamal    Date : 22-Feb-08   11:53 AM  
3 van close   Posted By Jadeja Jaydeepsinh    Date : 11-Nov-07   05:00 AM  
Moya Moya   Posted By Guru Basavaraja    Date : 25-Oct-07   02:16 AM  
Nerve damaged after tooth extraction   Posted By Namrata Ingle    Date : 08-Oct-07   09:50 AM  
Reg.treatment of Giloblastoma Multiforma (WHO-Grade IV)   Posted By Shailendra Mohan Joshi    Date : 21-Jul-07   12:22 AM  
giddiness since 4 months   Posted By narendra .k.shah    Date : 14-Jul-07   01:35 PM  
Neurological remedy.   Posted By Anand.R.Rao    Date : 12-Jun-07   06:58 AM  
looking for some informations   Posted By JAGDISH ARORA    Date : 10-Jun-07   02:03 AM  
Opinion regarding Post Encephalitis Organic Brain Syndrome.   Posted By Laxman Vijay Bhai    Date : 09-Jun-07   05:37 AM  
Strange type of Nausea   Posted By ATiwari    Date : 28-May-07   03:12 AM  
Strange type of Nausea   Posted By ATiwari    Date : 25-May-07   01:31 AM  
Numbness in right hand   Posted By ATiwari    Date : 25-May-07   01:51 AM  
Pnubness in both hands   Posted By Dr.Sunil Oberoi    Date : 04-Apr-07   12:38 PM  
slip disc   Posted By bawa singh virdi    Date : 28-Feb-07   06:54 PM  
acute brain tumour   Posted By sayantani khan    Date : 24-Feb-07   11:32 PM  
Total blindness after severe brain injury/ fixed pupils   Posted By S. Kelly    Date : 07-Feb-07   09:26 AM  
Nuero sergery   Posted By Pavan Sharad Badgujar    Date : 11-Dec-06   02:40 AM  
Better Advise for Operation   Posted By Praloy Krishno Sarker    Date : 25-Nov-06   05:16 AM  
NF2   Posted By Priyanka Patil    Date : 22-Sep-06   07:46 AM  
Pitutary adenoma - Pune Neurosurgeon   Posted By Ashish Jain    Date : 08-Aug-06   11:55 PM  
Surgery selection For Trigeminal Neuralgia   Posted By Nirad B. Joshi    Date : 27-Nov-05   11:34 PM  
spinal fixation   Posted By Dr.P.K.Jha    Date : 26-Jul-05   12:39 PM  
Neurosurgery   Posted By Abraham Thomas    Date : 20-Jul-05   10:47 PM  
coma   Posted By sly ayed    Date : 31-Jan-05   08:03 PM  
case discussion   Posted By anju biswas    Date : 01-Aug-01   05:26 AM  
consult   Posted By Farzad Sadlou Parizi M.D.    Date : 12-May-01   02:28 PM  
whats your diagnosis?   Posted By farzad saadloo parizi    Date : 02-Mar-01   06:42 AM  
Pilocytic astrocytoma   Posted By Dr. Debasish Mandal    Date : 30-Oct-00   03:39 AM  

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