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Need Help   Posted By Vikas    Date : 09-Apr-09   04:05 PM  
behaviour of my mother after my marriage   Posted By saurav gogoi    Date : 08-Feb-09   06:13 AM  
Please Help   Posted By Mona verma    Date : 16-Nov-08   08:42 AM  
Atidepressant induced suicide and violence   Posted By Dr Shalini Anant, Clinical Psychologist    Date : 14-Sep-08   01:08 AM  
Help me   Posted By Milan Shrestha    Date : 25-Apr-08   11:48 AM  
please help   Posted By jyotsana    Date : 05-Apr-08   05:31 AM  
Motor Problem in Children   Posted By Soumya    Date : 04-Apr-08   11:42 PM  
need advise   Posted By Munir Shaikh    Date : 25-Mar-08   02:19 AM  
Self-esteem in children   Posted By Amal    Date : 20-Mar-08   12:16 AM  
i need help!   Posted By aakash    Date : 14-Mar-08   05:28 AM  
Teen risk factors for schizophrenia identified   Posted By Dr Shalini Anant, Clinical Psychologist    Date : 23-Jan-08   10:26 AM  
bipolar order   Posted By aakash    Date : 04-Nov-07   06:28 AM  
need psychiatric help   Posted By nilotpal    Date : 25-Oct-07   03:35 AM  
Hyponatremia   Posted By Dinesh    Date : 24-Oct-07   01:54 PM  
bipolar disorder   Posted By neha    Date : 18-Oct-07   04:05 AM  
anxiety   Posted By sameer    Date : 28-Sep-07   04:07 PM  
marriage fear   Posted By sakshi    Date : 25-Jul-07   03:12 AM  
Parents quarrel   Posted By Sreeny    Date : 24-Jul-07   01:13 PM  
need advice   Posted By ria    Date : 12-Mar-07   07:16 PM  
Sister's nature is very disturbing   Posted By Hema    Date : 16-Jan-07   04:29 AM  
Childhood OCD   Posted By Dr P S Murthy, MD(Psy)    Date : 26-Nov-06   12:19 AM  
OCD- Acute stage   Posted By Abhishek Kumar    Date : 27-Oct-06   02:29 PM  
My Son   Posted By Anju Goswami    Date : 19-Jul-06   12:29 AM  
Depression and pain   Posted By PRITI VYAS    Date : 28-Jan-06   08:24 AM  
i am very depressed in my life. i want die. there is no one to understand me.   Posted By roopa    Date : 15-Oct-05   12:53 AM  
lack of concentration and memory power   Posted By santhosh    Date : 20-Aug-05   07:19 AM  
Regarding my Husband   Posted By B. Dey    Date : 01-Jul-05   04:26 AM  
Schizophrenia with OCD   Posted By Dr P.S.Murthy    Date : 25-Jan-05   10:15 AM  
Severe abnormality due to distorted impulse   Posted By PALLAB DUTTA    Date : 22-Sep-04   05:04 AM  
Psycological problem   Posted By Kaushik J. Nayak    Date : 23-Nov-03   08:01 PM  
Psychiatry   Posted By Dr.Dinesh Kumar    Date : 03-May-03   04:17 AM  
psycotherapy   Posted By seema jain    Date : 17-Nov-02   08:57 AM  

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