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Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy   Posted By Rama Revathi    Date : 30-Jan-12   01:29 AM  
vericocele no pain   Posted By senthil kumar    Date : 02-Sep-11   06:19 AM  
white patches   Posted By dr kailash maini    Date : 12-Mar-11   03:38 AM  
Neurofibromatosis   Posted By Harjeet Singh    Date : 08-Mar-11   09:05 PM  
Vitiligo   Posted By Mayank    Date : 24-Oct-10   01:50 AM  
regarding bronochitis   Posted By bala    Date : 26-May-10   05:47 AM  
pcod   Posted By graj    Date : 13-May-10   04:24 AM  
chronic nocturnal emission   Posted By pradeep    Date : 21-Apr-10   03:07 AM  
lactation   Posted By zaphia    Date : 22-Nov-09   03:50 AM  
warts   Posted By divesh    Date : 05-Oct-09   12:05 PM  
PILO SINUS   Posted By Vinu Benny    Date : 31-Aug-09   07:34 AM  
appeal & request to all doctor   Posted By raghu kiran    Date : 29-Jul-09   01:40 AM  
Varicocele treatment   Posted By R K    Date : 28-Jul-09   06:12 AM  
regarding treatment   Posted By dr. wagh dhananjay    Date : 22-Jul-09   03:00 PM  
thyroid & breast cancer   Posted By bhasker    Date : 09-Jul-09   04:55 AM  
Chronic cough   Posted By Arnab Ray    Date : 26-Jun-09   10:31 AM  
Sleep Problem: Wake early, don't get back to sleep   Posted By James    Date : 22-Jun-09   01:09 AM  
Dark circles around eyes...   Posted By Dr. Pravin Tirmare    Date : 10-Jun-09   08:44 AM  
old chicken pox scars   Posted By dranchal    Date : 31-May-09   07:07 AM  
PILO NIDLE SINUS   Posted By vilas    Date : 30-May-09   04:45 AM  
how to gain weight ?   Posted By prashant    Date : 19-Apr-09   07:01 AM  
rheumatoid arthiritis   Posted By ishani k dutta    Date : 21-Jan-09   06:36 AM  
oral ulcers   Posted By Dr.Sunitha    Date : 07-Jan-09   12:29 AM  
Treatment for Neurofibromatosis   Posted By G    Date : 05-Jan-09   02:02 AM  
Treating Gout   Posted By Dr.Sanand Ratnam Thekkayil    Date : 28-Dec-08   07:45 PM  
Treatment for pimples   Posted By Nishanth H R    Date : 28-Dec-08   08:44 AM  
Un known   Posted By Raghavan    Date : 16-Dec-08   01:58 AM  
PCOD   Posted By swasthik    Date : 25-Nov-08   08:38 AM  
gynaecology   Posted By dr.rekha arya    Date : 05-Oct-08   12:08 PM  
gynaecology   Posted By dr.rekha    Date : 16-Sep-08   01:18 PM  
too much salivation   Posted By dr anchal maheshwari    Date : 11-Sep-08   12:31 PM  
alopecia, indralupta   Posted By dr anchal maheshwari    Date : 10-Sep-08   08:41 AM  
melosma   Posted By GOPAL    Date : 02-Sep-08   05:32 PM  
Multi fiboraids in uterus   Posted By rita khosla    Date : 19-Aug-08   06:57 AM  
treatment of retinal pigmentosa   Posted By dr arun gupta    Date : 18-Aug-08   11:43 AM  
multiple rectal polyp, juvenile   Posted By Dr. Sumita ghosh    Date : 12-Aug-08   02:46 PM  
systemic lupus erthyematosus   Posted By Dr Mukesh Aggarwal    Date : 01-Aug-08   01:39 AM  
paranoid schizophrenia   Posted By Dr Mukesh Aggarwal    Date : 31-Jul-08   08:24 AM  
gastric disorder   Posted By dr anchal maheshwari    Date : 29-Jul-08   01:45 AM  
sheet pitta   Posted By dr anchalmaheshwari    Date : 22-Jul-08   09:45 PM  
stiffness in left hemiplegia   Posted By DR.SUJATA BAJAJ    Date : 21-Jul-08   05:18 AM  
Cure of R.A   Posted By Dr Manik Soni    Date : 20-Jul-08   12:13 PM  
sex in depression   Posted By Dr Mukesh Aggarwal    Date : 18-Jul-08   12:33 AM  
Sandhivata   Posted By Dr. Kanwaljeet Kaur    Date : 18-Jul-08   02:15 PM  
skin disease   Posted By hasi    Date : 15-Jul-08   12:31 PM  
bladder control   Posted By hari    Date : 12-Jul-08   05:38 AM  
Raktha Moksha in ayurveda(leech craft)   Posted By Dr.Sanand Ratnam    Date : 09-Jul-08   10:37 PM  
Emaciation treatment   Posted By Dr. Kanwaljeet Kaur    Date : 06-Jul-08   10:26 AM  
pcod treatment   Posted By dr anchal    Date : 03-Jul-08   09:37 PM  
OCD & IBS   Posted By meri    Date : 21-Jun-08   05:28 PM  
White Spots on Legs after Accident   Posted By Viral    Date : 18-Jun-08   02:30 AM  
Medicine-ayurveda   Posted By Arnab Ray    Date : 30-May-08   10:05 AM  
treatment for mutiple sclerosis   Posted By sivaji    Date : 09-May-08   07:49 AM  
psoriasis treatment   Posted By sivaji    Date : 01-May-08   03:14 PM  
The difference between systolic and diastolic is narrowing   Posted By k.s.s.kumar    Date : 16-Apr-08   07:25 AM  
obesity in twenties   Posted By dr.santosh kaur    Date : 15-Apr-08   10:27 AM  
obesity   Posted By dr.santosh kaur arora    Date : 14-Apr-08   06:35 AM  
leucoderma   Posted By dr.santosh kaur    Date : 12-Apr-08   04:47 AM  
is viral cardiomyopathy curable by ayurveda   Posted By sivaji    Date : 05-Apr-08   03:33 PM  
azoospermia   Posted By dr shekhar    Date : 26-Mar-08   01:03 AM  
Fibroids   Posted By gayathritata    Date : 24-Mar-08   03:07 AM  
Blood pressure   Posted By k.s.s.kumar    Date : 21-Feb-08   08:50 AM  
Fibroids in Uterus   Posted By kadimikumar    Date : 11-Feb-08   12:20 AM  
Fistula treatment by Ksharasutra   Posted By Vinay Pratap    Date : 08-Jan-08   08:19 AM  
Restlessness, aggressive   Posted By Rajashakar    Date : 10-Dec-07   11:34 PM  
Psoriasis management   Posted By K.S.S.Kumar    Date : 19-Nov-07   03:22 AM  
sex problem   Posted By amit    Date : 16-Nov-07   08:32 AM  
lactation   Posted By ANNA MARIA telles    Date : 10-Aug-06   01:36 AM  

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