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patchy hair loss on left upper lip   Posted By NAVEEN KUMAR.N    Date : 29-May-11   04:14 AM  
Massey on face and leg   Posted By sachin    Date : 08-Sep-10   02:14 PM  
chikenpox scar removal -management   Posted By niraj    Date : 04-Jun-10   01:49 AM  
hair loss   Posted By Christina    Date : 25-Apr-10   11:31 AM  
Itching all over body   Posted By Nakul    Date : 12-May-09   06:26 AM  
Red Rashes and itching   Posted By Apoorv    Date : 11-May-09   03:53 AM  
mycosis fungoides   Posted By amit sharma    Date : 10-Feb-09   01:11 PM  
hair loss   Posted By hammal    Date : 21-Jan-09   04:30 PM  
Acquired Digital Fibrokeratoma   Posted By Arnab Mitra    Date : 02-Dec-08   07:08 AM  
Skin Problem - Itching   Posted By Nakul    Date : 27-Nov-08   03:12 AM  
Re:lychen planus   Posted By Gurdarshanjeet kaur    Date : 05-Nov-08   01:40 AM  
Pigmentation   Posted By Hema    Date : 04-Nov-08   10:52 AM  
white hair problem   Posted By Suresh Rai    Date : 22-Oct-08   12:59 AM  
birthmark removal   Posted By Samson    Date : 14-Oct-08   04:06 PM  
Skin Allergy on fingers   Posted By Manmohan Malhotra    Date : 18-Sep-08   02:10 AM  
LUKODERMA CASE   Posted By D.A    Date : 14-Sep-08   11:49 AM  
maplestory mesos   Posted By maplestory mesos    Date : 07-Aug-08   12:27 PM  
Dry Scaly Flaky Skin   Posted By Akshay    Date : 04-Aug-08   07:04 AM  
SKIN   Posted By Harjeet Kaur    Date : 30-Jul-08   06:19 PM  
Skin problem   Posted By boby antony    Date : 14-Jul-08   03:13 AM  
Leukoderma Disease-Some one please help!!!!!!!!   Posted By Jyoti Saxena    Date : 02-Jun-08   02:21 AM  
hair loss   Posted By prema    Date : 17-May-08   01:02 PM  
skin problem   Posted By kavita sharma    Date : 15-May-08   06:18 AM  
hair loss as patch at beard   Posted By ram    Date : 11-May-08   10:16 PM  
skin problem   Posted By May    Date : 09-May-08   11:21 PM  
hyper pigmentation   Posted By Ritu Bajaj    Date : 30-Jan-08   05:40 AM  
brown spots after a rush   Posted By SHAUN SINDANE    Date : 18-Dec-07   01:33 PM  
Skin Problem   Posted By VIJAYANT SHARMA    Date : 09-Jul-07   01:22 PM  
derma abrasion   Posted By ravi    Date : 28-May-07   03:34 PM  
Skin problem   Posted By mayank singh    Date : 28-Mar-07   05:23 AM  
Alopecia Universalis   Posted By Dr Madhu    Date : 27-Feb-07   01:43 PM  
Plain wart on face   Posted By Robin Batra    Date : 23-Feb-07   01:41 AM  
HAIRY MOLE ON THE CHIN   Posted By Meetu    Date : 09-Feb-07   09:42 AM  
White Spots mostly on my back   Posted By Cindy    Date : 03-Nov-06   09:48 AM  
Psoriasis   Posted By Sham    Date : 13-Jun-06   05:04 AM  
Mycosis Fungoides   Posted By Annonymous    Date : 22-Feb-06   11:57 AM  
psoriasis   Posted By moosa    Date : 04-Aug-05   04:39 AM  
treatment for vericose vein   Posted By R.Gopinath    Date : 29-Jul-05   12:53 PM  
white spots on my body   Posted By jagat vyas    Date : 12-Jun-05   12:32 AM  
hair loss   Posted By vishwas    Date : 08-May-05   09:48 AM  
brown spots   Posted By Balchander goud    Date : 06-May-05   10:14 AM  
Having bald patches on my sculp and serious loss of hair   Posted By Farhat    Date : 20-Apr-05   10:23 AM  
Pigmentation   Posted By Narendra Tiwari    Date : 14-Feb-05   01:49 PM  
Re : skin rash   Posted By MM    Date : 06-Jan-05   12:26 AM  
skin rash   Posted By tom    Date : 05-Jan-05   03:07 PM  
Derma Abrasion   Posted By Madhu Chandna    Date : 27-Oct-04   06:24 AM  
Skin infection with pimples & skin Darkness   Posted By Gopi Yeldy    Date : 20-Sep-04   01:42 AM  
consultation   Posted By abhinav bafna    Date : 15-Feb-03   10:13 PM  

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