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local anaesthetic   Posted By dr. upasna singh    Date : 05-Jul-08   09:57 AM     Reply

Ours is a chain of dental clinics in NCR. In the past two months we had more than 6 cases of similar kind.

1)RCT done in 35. Pt came back with a huge swelling, which persisted for 2 weeks.Pareasthesia in that region is still persistant after 6 weeks. Pt even complains of change in voice.

2)Another pt was given a greater palatine nerve block, which resulted in necrosis of tissue, parasthesia in that region, the patient is fine now after 6 weeks.

3)yet another patient who underwent RCT in 45, complained of parasthesia in that region which is still persisting even after 3 weeks.

4)A pt underwent RCT in 26. Its been 2 weeks and patient still complains of parasthesia.

5)A pt who is a trumpet teacher, was given LA in lower right region for crown reduction in 45 and 47 for a bridge in 45 46 and 47 came back with a huge swelling and parasthesia in that region. Its been more than 2 weeks,though the swelling is less the parasthesia is still there.The pt can't play the trumpet.

There were few more cases of the similar kind in the past 2 months itself, I have the following queries:-

1)What could be the reason for this?

2)What are the remedies?

3)Is there a way of finding out chemically if the local anaesthetic lot, that we used, is the reason?

4)What is the prognosis of such patients?

5)How can we assure our patients and the management of such patients.

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Re : local anaesthetic - dr. ritu johar 09-Jul-08    12:11 AM

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