Japan Hospital Association

Speciality HomePage:http://www.hospital.or.jp/e/
Location: Tokyo, Japan Phone:+81-3-3265-0077 Facsimile: +81-3-3230-2898
Address:Hospital Plaza Bldg. 9-15 Sanban-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo #102-8414, Japan Email:[email protected]
Comments:The Japanese hospital meeting received the mind of medical method enactment of 1948, " assured the improvement development of the hospital and the accomplishment of mission with the agreement cooperation of all hospital, June of 1951, public * my director of a hospital phase met with the fact that it contributes to the welfare increase of society " as a purpose, was established with the name of the Japanese American Hospital Association. You acquire corporate body case in next year May, with enlargement of organization December of 1976, modify in present name and have reached to today. As for the number of present members 2,781 hospitals (2002 1 end of the month) So, it stands in the extensive member organization where all management subjects of the Japanese hospital participate. Those which the Japanese hospital meeting aims are quality of uplift and hospital medical care of ethics of medicine, and improvement of hospital function, improvement of patient service, completeness of education study of the hospital staff and soundness et cetera of hospital management the citizen who and when and where, are to assure the establishment of the system which can receive the medical care which is good feeling at rest. 21 commission * sectional meeting, workshop of 10 is installed because of this, does investigation research, report report and the demand proposition et cetera for the problems of the hospital. The Japanese hospital academic society, the Japanese human dry dock academic society and the Japanese diagnosis and treatment record management academic society every year are held prosperously at the every place as a compilation into one book of workshop activity. In addition it is the domestic only participation group as director country of international hospital union and the Asian hospital union. This way the Japanese hospital meeting has contributed to national medical care.
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