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International Hospital Federation

Hospital Administration

Email Address:
[email protected]


The IHF, Immeuble JB SAY,13, Chemin du Levant
F-01210 Ferney Voltaire

+33 (0) 450 42 6000

+33 (0) 450 42 6001

The International Hospital Federation (IHF) was set up in 1947 as the successor to the International Hospital Association (IHA), which had ceased to operate during the Second World War. The old Association, founded after several years of consideration and preparation in 1931, had crammed an almost unbelievable amount of work into its short lifespan. Five international congresses in the same or neighbouring countries Between 30 and 40 issues of the quarterly hospital journal Nosokomeion, some on specific subjects, others more general Twelve international study committees set up to report on such subjects as hospital building, hospital administration, hospital accounting food in hospital, statistics and terminology, etc. (plans to increase their number to 39 were accepted in 1938) Three post-graduate courses on hospital technique organized The creation of an international hospital information service The success of the Association was undoubtedly influential in creating the urge to resume international activities soon after the war. But as these activities had been suspended since 1940 and as conditions were still unsettled, it seemed judicious to establish a new body. So the International Hospital Federation came into being. The new IHF was fortunate in having as its first President the same leader who had been first President of the IHA: Professor René Sand of Belgium, a pioneer in the field of social medicine and a man of vast experience in the work of international organizations. His right-hand man was Captain J.E. Stone of London, who had also been involved with the IHA in drafting the constitution and heading the study committee on hospital administration and management. In 1948 Captain Stone agreed to take on the duties of IHF Honorary Secretary and treasurer; and the IHF secretariat has been situated in London ever since.

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