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Hygeia Medical Devices Pvt. Ltd.


13-B, FF, N.S. Marg, Daryaganj
New Delhi



Bubble Cpap,Bi-levelCapnograph- EtCO2 Monitor. Various Plaster Cutting Oscillating Saws from Germany.
Fetal DopplerPocket Size Model 500,500+,500++(Blue Backlite)500BFetal Doppler Table Top  600 & 600+
New, Attractive, and Durable Models of Nebuliser- Piston Based CicoBoy, Ultrasonic- Raffaello and Diaphragm based.
Urine Incontinence Device- Workout from UK.Imported Silicon Resuscitators (Ambu Bags)  Adult, Pediatrics, and Neonatal.Fibre-Optic Silicone Vacuum Cup
Digital Baby Weighing Scales from Japan.Various Pulse Oxymeter from USA. -Hand Held, Table Top All type of Reusable and Disposable sensors for pulse Oxymeter.
Suction Machines for different specialty.
Imported Surgical Cauteries for general Surgery ,ENT ,Skin and Gynae Purpose  
Our Specified manufacturing includes:
Full Child Care Range like Premature Baby Incubators, Radiant Heat Warmers, Photo therapies, Oxygen Hoods, Infantometer, etc. This time our new JEEVAK range of Warmers and Phototherapies have surpassed the all time sales in this range because of their features and style.


You can contact us for your requirement through webmail or visit our website:

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