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VisualAQT PRO+




2, Anurag, St Xaviers School Road, Navrangpura
Gujarat 380014


Email Address:
[email protected]


An Innovative Software Product, a must for Ophthalmologists and Optometrists. This Computerized Visual Acuity Measurement system has such advanced features which make Mechanical Vision Charts and Chart Projectors obsolete now. 

This software based on PC is very easy and user friendly to operate. All operations are controlled by infra-red remote. The remote and Sensor are supplied in the Package. The whole thing can be installed in 10 minutes. Apart from technology benefit, it saves a lot of time per patient. Random character facility helps in solving the problem of patient MEMORIZING the chart.

Various configuration options are available where you can use it as a wall mounted system.

It has exclusive features like Multiple Opto-types, Multiple languages, Normal or Mirrored mode, Single or Multi Line, Random characters, Amsler's Grid, WFDT, Astigmatism test, Duochrome layered opto-types, LogMar and Metric scales, 6/5 and 6/6 vision show or hide option, Adjustable screen distance (from patient) to match Room size,  Color Vision Tests  (with Interpretation) etc. 

Even CONTRAST SENSITIVITY can be measured by Contrast adjustable from 5% to 100%. 

PATIENT EDUCATION AND COUNSELLING slides and videos of your choice can also be a part of this system. 

A unique and vital feature NOT AVAILABLE WITH ANY OTHER COMPARABLE PRODUCT is "VIDEO IMAGE CAPTURE, STORE and PRINT from Slit Lamp Digital Camera (or any other video camera source) on to PC, all through REMOTE.

All these featured seamlessly on a single platform is developed with active and rigorous help from an EXPERT EYE SURGEON. 

Contact us for more detail.

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