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Panchagavya Ghrita

Gomata Gayatri Ayurveda



Andhra Pradesh 530002


Email Address:
[email protected]


Panchagavya Ghrita is an ancient Ayurvedic Shastrokt Preparation with a wide number of benefits. For complete details please check the below link -

It helps in curing -
1. Chronic Osteomyelitis
2. Epilepsy – Fits
3. Cancer - Use of Panchagavya Ghrita in cancer is undebatable. It has been proved to inhibit the growth of cancerous cells, and protect the body's immune system. Its use in cancerous conditions is a practice in vogue. Cures all symptoms. If taken with chemotherapy, it eliminates the side effects of chemotherapy.
4. Parkinson's Disease
5. Aging 
6. Memory & Grasping Power
7. Effects of Aging on Skin
8. Neurological Problems - Increases Blood Circulation to the Brain. Prevents Stroke and Paralysis. It calms down the excessive electrical activity in the brain. It induces sound sleep and reduces neuritic pain.
9. Heart Blockage - It prevents the clogging of arteries and opens up the clogged vessels by dissolving the clots. It prevents heart failure by increasing the efficiency of the cardiac muscular contractions.
10. Psoriasis and other Skin Problems - Eczema, Allergic Dermatitis, Foot Cracks
11. Liver Disorders / Hepatitis - Significant Hepatoprotective activity has been observed.
12. Jaundice
13. Anaemia
14. Schizophrenia - Insanity
15. Chronic Fevers - This works where other medicines have failed.
16. Anxiety Neurosis
17. HIV +ve - Panchagavya is a potent immunostimulant, and shows significant improvement in HIV+ve persons. Increases appetite and weight. Eliminates oral ulcers and loose motions. Cures cough, fever, and pulmonary tuberculosis. Patients become hale and healthy and can go back to normal work.
18. Diabetes mellitus - Reduces Blood Sugar, eliminates Constipation. Removes tiredness, patients become brisk and active. Prevents Peripheral Neuritis and cures numbness and burning of feet. Prevents Diabetic Nephropathy and Retinopathy. Increases sexual vigour.
19. Pulmonary Tuberculosis - Helps in curing TB and reduces the side effects of the chemotherapy.
20. Irritable Bowel Syndrome
21. Hypothyroidism
22. Hyperthyroidism
23. Infertility
24. Arthritis - It repairs and regenrates the damages cartilages in the joints, prevents pain and further damage, reduces morning stiffness.
25. Viral Diseases - It builds up immunity against viral infections

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