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Hospital Administration

Hospital administration

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  1. Odor Control: Nok-Out does not mask odors. Nok-Out eliminates noxious odors through an oxidation process that leaves an odor free environment. As with other oxidizing products (such as bleach), Nok-Out removes odors upon contact, but uses no harsh chemicals to harm animals humans or the environment.

  2. Disinfectant Properties: Independent Laboratory tests have verified the benefits of stabilized chlorine dioxide as a fast acting broad-spectrum sanitizer, proven to destroy many bacteria, fungus, and viruses that are difficult to attack with other products, and yet safe to use around animals and humans. The active ingredient in Nok-Out is stabilized chlorine dioxide.

  3. Safety: A product used providing Hospice Care should be safe for the client, caregivers, and visitors to the home. Nok-Out is proven to be hypoallergenic, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and non-staining. It is completely safe to use on skin, to sanitize a wound site, and in laboratory or treatment room environments.

  4. Ease of Application: Nok-Out may be applied using a trigger spray bottle, an aerosol fogger, an aerosol can, diluted in mop water, in laundry machines, using a wiping solution with a sponge or cloth, or poured directly on hard or porous surfaces.

  5. Economical Purchasing & Delivery: Nok-Out is available in a variety of sizes and application formats. Special discount rates are applied for large purchases.


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