I am very obese. Kindly tell me the bad effects of obesity & can you provide some tips to reduce weight.

I am very obese. Kindly tell me the bad effects of obesity & can you provide some tips to reduce weight.

Antiobesity Diet Chart

Obesity is an excessive accumulation of fat in the body. It occurs due to an imbalance between calorie intake and calorie expended. When your body weight is 10 percent more than the ideal body weight, it requires treatment. Dietary modifications play an important role in maintaining the ideal balance.

Some of the adverse effects associated with obesity are :-

1. Postural defects
2. Arthritis and Gout
3. Pains and Aches in the body
4. Hypertension
5. Heart Disease
6. Diabetis Mellitis
7. Kidney Disease etc.
So as is rightly said “Let food be your medicine and not medicine be your food”.

Tips on reducing : –

1. Determine your ideal weight and follow the plan strictly with patience.
2. A gradual reduction of 4 to 6 Ibs (2 to 3 Kg.) in a month is desirable. Don’t get disappointed if weight loss is not rapid. Have patience.
3. Weigh yourself bi-monthly and keep the record on your chart.
4. Drink water in plenty and in between meals, remember it adds no calories.
5. Don’t starve if you are hungry, take plenty of free foods mentioned in your plan.
6. Regular exercise of minimum 1/3 hrs. should be an essential part of daily routine. Brisk walks are highly recommended.

The following food items may normally be avoided. however fixed quantity can be included in your calculated diet plan.

1. All sweets :- Sugar, honey, jaggery, pudding and ice cream, Muraba.
2. All fats :- Butter, cream, ghee fried foods.
3. Foods rich in starch like :- Alu, arbi, shakrakandi, Chukander, Zimikand, maida and cornflour.
4. Fruits :- Like, Mango, grapes, chikoo and banana.
5. All nuts :- Khajur, Kishmish, kaju, akhrot, moongphali.
6. Alcoholic drinks and aerated soft drinks sharbat, sweetened juices.

Foods to be taken in prescribed amount : – All cereals, pulses, beans, meat, poultry, egg, toned milk, fresh fruits, skim milk, curd, cottage, cheese citrus fruit, al vegetables and dalls.

Free foods :- Coffee, tea without sugar, lemon water (No sugar) salad leaves, tomatoes, kakri, khira, onion, radish, green leafy vegetables, clear tamarid water, zeera water, chutney, clear soups diluted khatti lassi.

Meal Plan (1200 calories)

Early Morning :- Lemon + 1 cup water or lemon tea (No sugar)
Breakfast :- 1. Toned milk = 1 cup (200 cc No Sugar)
and Dalia = 1 cup (cooked)
2. Missi Roti = 1 (30 gm. Mixed atta no fat) 20 gm. Wheat atta
Curd = 1 cup 10 gm. channa atta
3. Bread =2 slices
Egg = Poached or boiled/25 gm. paneer.
11.00 A.M.
Lemon Water = 1 glass
Butter mil = 1 glass (diluted)
Citrus fruit = 1
Lunch/Dinner :-
1. Clear soup/Salad
2. Chapati = 2
Rice = 50 gm. (Raw wt.)
3. Green vegetables (Stewed or boiled) = ad lib
4. Skin curd = 1 cup/Dall = 1 cup cooked (30 gm. Raw wt)

Chicken = 150 gm. or paneer = 30 gm. can be taken once or twice a week instead of dall or curd according to your diet plan.

Evening Tea : – Tea = 1 cup (No sugar)
Roasted channa = 25 gm.
Sproited dall = 25 gm.
Total oil a day = 15 gm.


Cereal exchange Meat Exchange Milk Exchange
(100 calories) (90 calories) (100 calories)
Chapati =1 (Flour =30 gm.) Egg=One Cow’s milk =1 cup (150 cc)
Bread = 2 slices Fish = 90 gm. Buffalo milk = cup (70 cc)
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