What is Hernia? Why it is caused?.Is surgery the only remedy?

What is Hernia? Why it is caused?.Is surgery the only remedy?

A hernia is only a protrusion of an organ or tissue through an abnormal opening in the body. Most hernias occur when a piece of intestine slips through a weakness in the abdominal wall, creating a bulge you can see and feel. Hernias can develop around the naval, in the groin, or any place where you may have had a surgical incision. Some hernias are present at birth. Others develop slowly over a period of months or years. Hernias also can come on quite suddenly.Hernias in the groin area (inguinal hernias) are most common in men. Hernias in the femoral area, at the top of the thigh, occur most often in women. They commonly result from pregnancy and childbirth.

A hernia that can be easily pushed back or flattened (reducible hernia) is generally not an immediate danger to your health, although it can be painful. A non-reducible hernia, however, can become life-threatening if part of the intestine gets trapped, or strangulated, in the opening.

In case one is overweight, reducing excess weight may provide some relief. Wearing a truss or binder has also offered temporary relief. The only cure, however, is surgery. There are two reasons for hernia surgery: to correct or prevent a dangerous strangulated hernia, and to eliminate the pain that may be interfering with your normal activity. Although there are always risks and side effects associated with surgery, today’s surgical techniques provide patients with treatment options that offer minimal post-operative discomfort, speedy recovery, and lasting relief.

Whether you should have surgery is a question only your doctor can help you answer. Your doctor can tell you more about your condition and treatment options. There is no need to worry & suffer in silence. Your Surgical Specialist doctor, will be able to help. So do consult him.


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