Book Title Hospital Waste management - a holistic approach (Second Edition) 2000
Author RC Anand & Sidhartha Satpathy
Publisher Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd, New Delhi
Price Rs. 200.00
Reviewed By D.K. Sharma,Associate Professor, Hospital Administration AIIMS, N.Delhi
Review Hospital Waste management is an area which has come to the limelight recently as a result of the notification of the Biomedical Waste (management and handling) Rules 1998. This book fulfils a long felt need of hospital administrators, nursing administrators, hospital engineers, sanitation supervisors, laboratory personnel and students of Hospital and Health Administration. The authors have more than three decades of experience in the field of hospital administration.

The book contains 118 pages including references and annexures; and is organised into ten chapters. A persual of the first three chapters takes us through the origin of scientific waste management in different parts of the world and our country, and establishes a need for study of this important area. Subsequent chapters deal with the generation and segregation of waste, to the collection, storage and transportation of waste to the site of treatment.

The next chapter deals extensively with the different technologies available for waste management and has some excellent colour photographs to give a visual impact to the readers. In addition to the common technologies available in our country which have been approved by the Central Pollution Control Board, it also features the state of the art newer technologies in other western countries, including those which are in the experimental stage.

The last three chapters deal with the final disposal of hospital wastes, administrative, legal and ethical issues; and human resource development issues in waste management which are of great importance in a country like ours, especially in the public sector. The roles of the various categories of staff has been clearly delineated which can be suitably modified by various hospitals. Some aspects of waste management on which training is necessary has also been incorporated. The book ends with the notification of the Ministry of Environment and Forests on the Biomedical Waste (management and Handling) Rules 1998 along with all the schedules and format for application which can act as a ready reckoner.

However, it is felt that some of the areas which needs to be incorporated in the subsequent editions include the management of waste in the semi-urban and rural areas where modern technology is not readily available. More flow charts, diagrams would be required in the initial chapters to give a better visual impact to the readers.

The authors need to be complemented for the systematic and logical sequencing of the chapters which is easy to follow and understand, even for persons not very much acquainted with waste management principles and methods. It would definitely be an asset to all categories of persons dealing with any aspect of waste management.

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