Book Title The Pancreas
Author J.D. Wig
Publisher Azad Offset Printers, Chandigarh, India
Price Rs. 1,200.00
Reviewed By Indmedica
Review Till date there has been no major text in the country devoted solely to the disorders of the pancreas. This book fills a lot of lacunae, which have been there in the field of gastrointestinal surgery. As the preface declares, the prevalence of pancreatic diseases is increasing worldwide. New developments have taken place not only in our understanding of complex disorders involving the pancreas but also in diagnostic and therapeutic modalities. With the focus of research shifting to molecular and genetic aspects of the disease, it is imperative that physicians and surgeons are kept abreast with the latest information. This book goes a long way in that direction.

The book covers moot of the important conditions affecting the pancreas, namely acute pancreatitits, chronic pancreatitits, tumours of the pancreas and cysts of pancreas. Each of these conditions in dealt in detail by an international cast of authors. Taking the example of acute pancreatitis, there are separate chapters devoted to its pathogenesis, the role of enteropancreatic axis in its pathophysiology, predictors of severity, nutritional support, and damage limiting strategies, endoscopic and surgical management of acute pancreatitis, pancreatic necrosis, and its different complications. The book also covers uncommon and less often discussed conditions like "parasites and pancreatic diseases, "pancreatic tuberculosis", and "pancreatic pseudotumours.

The contributors are all eminent authors from different parts of the world : John M Howard (USA), A.Kingsnorth (UK), G.G. Tsiotos and M.G.Sarr (USA), H.Friess and M.W. Buchler (Switzerland), W.Y.Lau (Hongkong), Munemasa RYU (Japan), I.B. Brekke (Norway), G. Farkas and Akos Pap (Hungary), John Windsor (New Zealand). There is a fair sprinklinge of eminent authors from India also. Dr. Wig himself has filled the gaps by writing about current status and perspective covering each of the major subsections of the book.

Most contributors have done a commendable job with upto-date bibliography. The value of the book could be further enhanced if more space could be devoted to conditions like anatomical aberrations of the pancreas and pancreatic ductal disruption. A few of the chapters could also do with greater details thrown in. I am sure, this will be covered in the next volume.

The book is adequately illustrated with a good quality of pictures.

The book is recommended for general surgeons, gastroenterologist, medical and surgical residents, and anyone who is interested in knowing about the pitfall of clinical practice in the broad area of pancreatic disorders.

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