APSI – Association of Plastic Surgeons of India

Speciality HomePage:www.apsi.in
Location:UP, India Phone:+9415085625
Address:'Hriaykunj',21, Napier Road colony (Part-2) Lucknow UP 226003 India Email:[email protected]
Comments:The Association of Plastic Surgeons of India (here in after, referred to as "APSI") The objectives of the APSI shall be: To promote and direct the development of Plastic Surgery along sound and progressive lines. To foster and co-ordinate training in Plastic Surgery and to advise on organization of both under graduate and post-graduate teaching programs for Plastic Surgery in India. To provide for and promote dissemination and diffusion of knowledge of Plastic Surgery amongst Plastic Surgeons, and members of the medical profession in general. To attain this, prejudice to the generality of these objectives: To arrange a National Meeting of APSI at least once a year with the triple objective of: Encouraging scientific discussion of a high order amongst its members. Initiating, considering and reviewing activities concerned with the attainment of APSl's objectives. Encouraging fellowship amongst the members. To procure the publication of a scientific journal to be called "The Indian Journal of Plastic Surgery". To publish pamphlets, memoranda, monographs, booklets and books to fulfill these objectives. To affiliate with and give subscription to other bodies and societies with similar objectives. To institute fellowships, orations, prizes, awards and other competitions for the attainment of these objectives. To establish scholarships, foundations and lectureship and to provide grants and other benefactions either in India or elsewhere which are designed to enhance the learning in, and practice of, Plastic Surgery or to contribute to the establishment of the same.
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