Technology Principles

“We hope to set new standards for information based websites”

While continually aiming to be an indispensable resource for the medical community, by setting new standards for speed,ease of use and quality, we also hope to set a new benchmark for information based websites in general.

In an age where we are seeing increasingly more and more websites with flashing banners everywhere, confusing layout and sloppy code that takes ages to load on a slow connection, our goal is to stand out in the hope of getting other websites to take note, improve, andmake the web a better place for everybody.

Use of official standards laid out by the World Wide Web Consortium

We believe that adhering to standards is vital for the future of a “healthy” internet where everything can interact as seemlessly as possivble. All of our new content (existing content is in the process of being converted) is coded in XHTML 1.1 , the latest in-carnation of the html standard set out by the World Wide Web Consortium. This very strict standard promotes and ensures proper coding practises, which results in consistency of presentation over all modern platforms (Windows, Mac, etc.) and browsers. It also has the positive side-effect of ensuring loading times by seperating content from presentation and reducing redundant code.

More information about web standards can be found on this page at, the World Wide Web Consortium homepage, and the Web Accessibility Initiative homepage.

“A clean layout so you can easily find the information that you are after”

Going hand in hand with fast loading speeds, we wish to keep pages simple, yet elegant, by not trying to crowd to much information onto one page, in order to make it easier to find what you are after with as little distraction as possible. In line with this, you will not find any flashing banner advertisements on Indmedica, and research has even shown that in general, flashing ads actually have an adverse effect, annoying the visitor and driving them away.