HCit Consultant ( Launches Onsite 3 day Advanced Workshops in HL7

In an interview on 20th Jan 2011, David Blumenthal, MD, Chair of the Office of the National Coordinator stated “We are ‘on track’ for meaningful use goals” (1). This accelerated push for EMRs along with the need for interoperability has galvanized the need for a large number of resources trained in HL7, states Dr Lavanian Dorairaj, CEO HCit Consultant(HCitC), ( an entity that, amongst other activities, focuses on advanced training in HL7. Anticipating this requirement we began planning almost a year back, for a course that would turn raw IT resources into HL7 implementation experts, he added. Dr Lavanian explained, “Understanding the difficulties faced by IT companies, we designed the workshop to be carried out at the company’s premises and as per their requested dates, irrespective of it being a Sunday or a holiday. The 3 and 5 day workshops were designed be so hands-on that by the end of the workshop, resources would be able to read, analyse and write HL7 messages”. The workshops went public in November 2010 and within a month were snapped up by top IT companies. Dr Lavanian went on record to state that he was elated, surprisingly not by the success of the workshop, which was expected, but by the confidence of the resources who found it incredible that they could actually implement HL7 solutions with just 3 days of training. It goes to prove that, he said, if a course is well designed, successful results are the natural outcome. The USPs of the course, Dr Lavanian elaborated, were: • Training on V2.6 at the client premises and at their convenience, anywhere in the world • 3 or 5 day intense workshop • Hands on training • One-to-one style of training • Class of 10 trainees only, to ensure personalized attention • Specially designed training methodology to put trainees at ease and help slow learners • Assurance that the resources would read, understand, analyse and write HL7 messages by the end of the course • Training on popular real-world HL7 tools • Good introduction to HL7 V3 • One full session on the HL7 V2.6 international certification exam requirements • Certification by HCitC Seeing the trend HCitC now expects a sizeable number of companies to take advantage of these HL7 training workshops. To make the process easier HCitC has even enabled online payments. Interested readers may visit for further details.

Masters degree program in Emergency Medicine

Dear Medical Community,

Emergency Medicine is a relatively new specialty within medicine that is expanding at a phenomenal pace through out the globe.

Within the international community, leaders in medicine, health economics, public health and government have recognized the need to develop systems that respond to acute medical and surgical emergencies, and emergency medicine is the unique discipline and independent specialty with a unique body of knowledge to respond to these life-threatening events.

Many countries have already recognised the specialty of emergency medicine and offer specific training programs to develop a cadre of physicians with the knowledge and skills to care for patients presenting with emergent medical problems.

It gives me immense pleasure to inform you that the Ronald Reagan Institute of Emergency Medicine (RRIEM) at the George Washington University, USA has partnered with the medical faculty at Moolchand Hospital for a 3-year Post Graduate Program in Emergency Medicine.

This is a great opportunity to interested medical graduates for this esteemed course.

Please feel free to contact ([email protected]) me for any further information.

Last date for admission is 30 Sept 10

Thanks and Regards,

Dr. Gayatri Mahindroo
Moolchand Medcity
Lajpat Nagar III, New Delhi 110 024


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