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The ever increasing popularity of the internet is changing the way information searching is done globally. There are more and more people using the internet to look for jobs every day. currently receives 15,000 – 20,000 hits per day. Our guestbook is overflowing with qualified people searching for their desired job. We wish to utilize the power of online information sourcing to help job seekers find jobs and to help employers find the right employee. 

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Currently, indmedica has over 16,000 physicians as members. Additionally, our site is visited by thousands of people every day searching for information. Our site attracts not only Indians but also people and organizations from many many countries. These people are internet savvy and are likely to be highly educated, intelligent visitors. 

Why list your job with 


  • Online job advertisements are lower in cost than newspaper ads. 
  • An ad placed online is not subject to print space or word count limitations – you may provide as much detailed information about your requirements as you wish! 
  • More flexible – You may utilize HTML formatting and color to make your ad stand out and catch the reader’s attention. 
  • Post your ad today and it will be live tomorrow. 
  • An ad placed on will be viewed by exactly the audience you want to reach. It is highly targeted – and therefore more productive.
  • Receive resumes from interested candidates via email – straight into your email account where you can easily organize applicants’ resumes and information as you deem most effective. Easily contact them online yourself as you see fit. 
  • Time considerations – a newspaper ad is only for a single day. An ad placed with is viewable for as long as you order -1 to 3 months. 
  • Find top talent and highly educated people who are utilizing the power of online searching to find their ideal job. 
  • Go beyond your local newspaper – the people visiting are not limited to one geographical region. With the internet, your ad can be seen not only by your local community, nor only by Indians, but can be seen by online job seekers from all over the world.

Cost is a Free medical information site. As such, we will not charge for any service that helps physicians and health professionals. However, we do have bills to pay and if you should like to make a donation – however large or small – we would appreciate very much and it will help to keep Indmedica alive and growing. Should you wish to make a donation please go to: for easy online payment.

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