Philosophies, Beliefs and Goals


“Free, Fast and Easy”

It is our philosophy that all health and medical related information should be freely viewable and accessible by all, healthcare professionals and the public alike, in the hope of improving awareness,the standard level of health and ultimately improving the the lives of people all around India, and even the world.

In line with our philosophy, our goal is to bring as much information, covering all areas of medicine, to all in search of it, in a free, fast and easy to find format.


No login is required to access the information on Indmedica, such as the doctor’s directory, cyber lectures, admissions information and journals. – Many sites require a login, and/or payment for such areas. We believe that it is in the best interests of everyone for health and medical related information to be free and easily availble. Too many organizations profit excessively from the healthcare sector, at the detriment of everyone else.


While some people are lucky enough to have high-speed connections to the internet, we realize that there are still many (especially in rural areas), who are not so fortunate. Medical professionals’ time costs great money, and sometimes minutes can even determine the outcome of life or death situations. Even though we highly doubt that a surgeon would be reading up on how to do a procedure on Indmedica when a patient has only minutes to live, our goal is still to keep the loading times of all pages to a minimum, while retaining high-quality, useful information that is in an easy to follow and well laid out format.

  • All of our new content is optimized for the fastest loading times possible, and our old content is currently in the process of being converted so that you can access the information you require quickly.
  • We have optimised the site to operate on mobile devices and tabs.


Going hand in hand with quick loading speeds, we also believe that a good layout is essential to finding the information you are after quickly and effectively. We try to keep the information on one page to a minimum and avoid the use of flashing advertisements that have been shown to annoy and distract the visitor.