Homeopathic Medical Association of Canada

Speciality HomePage:www.hmac.ca
Location:Ontario, Canada Phone:416-741-8788
Address:2649, Islington Ave. Etobicoke Ontario M9V2X6 Canada Email:[email protected]
Comments:[email protected] The HOMEOPATHIC MEDICAL ASSOCIATION OF CANADA (HMAC) has been founded by a group of qualified Homeopathic Doctors/practitioners in the province of Ontario . Professional ethics and standards of this discipline bind all members . Through the HMAC, the public is assured of a professional, ethical and qualified practitioner. The H.M.A.C. ensures exemplary standards of quality care by designing "Homeopathic Doctor" as part of its certification process. Homeopathic Doctors are the best trained, most qualified and knowledgeable . With its ongoing commitment to quality care, and because professional regulation is a matter of provincial jurisdiction, the HMAC will initiate the regulatory process through the Ministry of Health in Ontario and simultaneously on Federal level.
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