Indian Confederation for Healthcare Accreditation

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Location:Delhi, INDIA Phone: +91-9717785724
Address: Regd. Office: Lal Kothi, 2nd Floor, 3830, Pataudi House Road, Daryaganj, New Delhi-110002. Email:[email protected]
Comments:Indian Confederation for Healthcare Accreditation is a professionally owned and driven Not-for-Profit organisation incorporated as a Section 25 Company. The basic aim of ICHA is to strengthen our health system using modified accreditation as a tool. Addressing the complexities of healthcare system comprehensively requires a collaborative team effort by all stakeholders. ICHA is the National multi-stakeholder Confederation of National Associations/ Institutions for establishing validated excellence in healthcare in India in line with similar bodies in all developed countries. ICHA comprises all stakeholder groups across the health sector, viz. Providers, Receivers and users, Payers and funders, Educators and regulators. Currently, all the major National Associations/Institutions of Medical Sciences and practitioners (Clinical, Lab, Admin), Nursing, Pharmacy, Therapy, Consumers, Management and Architects are our subscribers. All the Associations/Institutions are well established and are recognized as apex bodies in their respective fields.
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