Trained Nurses’ Association of India

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Location:Delhi, INDIA Phone:01140195407, 01140195409
Address:L-17, Green Park (Main) New Delhi 110 016 India TNAI Central Institute of Nursing & Research and Elderly Care Home Address: Central Institute Of Nursing & Research & Elderly Care Home Plot No- 37, KP -III,Greater Noida-201310 Ph: 01202323659 Email: [email protected] Email:[email protected]
Comments:The Association had its beginning in the Association of Nursing Superintendents which was founded in 1905, at Lucknow. The organisation was composed of nine European Nurses holding administrative posts in hospitals. Like their counterparts in other countries, this small band of women was imbued with vision and a pioneering spirit. They saw the need to develop Nursing as a profession and also to provide a forum where professional Nurses could meet and plan to achieve these ends. The movement gathered momentum and soon Nurses, other than Nursing Superintendents, were seeking to share in: upholding in every way the dignity and honour of the Nursing profession; promoting a sense of esprit de corps among all Nurses; and enabling members to take counsel together on matters relating to their profession. The Association of Nursing Superintendents, therefore, sought the help and co-operation of Nurses throughout the country. At the Annual Conference held in Bombay in 1908, a decision was taken to establish Trained Nurses Association. The Association was inaugurated in 1909. The two organisations shared the same officers until 1910 when, at the first Trained Nurses Association (TNA) Conference, held at Banaras (UP), the TNA members elected their own officers. In 1922, the Association of Nursing Superintendents and Trained Nurses Association were amalgamated and called The Trained Nurses Association of India (TNAI).
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