The section has been designed to provide a platform for all Optometry professionals and others interested in Optometry as a career & science in India & abroad. We aim to provide a medium for free and healthy interaction with easy access to relevant information. An active mailing list & Case discussion are running to facilitate the exchange of ideas. You can list yourself in the Doctors Directory & just don’t forget to subscribe to the mailing list.

We have also tried to focus on the needs of all of our colleagues. Sections for Cyberlectures and image library are maintained for this purpose. These will be a useful resource for continuing medical education (CME). You too can add a cyber lecture or in case you have some interesting images, you can upload the same for benefit of other members

Dates and contact details for conferences are also available. Links to some useful sites are provided. In case you feel some important link to be added, you can add the same.

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