Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a condition in which a man is unable to attain a sufficient erection of the penis. In such conditions, a man cannot execute satisfactory sexual intercourse.

Erectile failure, impotence, sexual incompetence and sexual inadequacy are common alternative terms for erectile dysfunction.

Ninety percent of men in the world are facing erection problems partially or entirely. Of the number of sufferers seventy percent get well with the adequate treatments. But the thirty percent cannot perform successful sexual intercourse in their whole life without taking the drugs before activity.

Common Causes

The diseases, those affect the nerves.

Low testosterone hormone levels and high prolactin hormone levels.

Side effects of drugs to treat the anxiety, angina pectoris, heart attacks, high blood pressure, palpitations, migraine, glaucoma and overactive thyroid.

Cigarette smoking and alcohol drinking are also major risk factors.

High cholesterol and diabetes permanently fur and block the arteries leading to the penis and the required volume of blood cannot flow into the organ.

Peyronie’s disease (build-up of scar tissue) stops the penis from inflating fully. That can cause partial or total failure in intercourse.

The anal sex damages the blood arteries of the penis, which becomes the basis of the slow leak of blood out of the corpora cavernosa and corpus spongiosum. Because the anal ring is very tight and to penetrate the penis into the anus extraordinary force is required. That activity also disfigures the shave and beauty of the penis.

The age factor has the most importance. Masturbation and any other kind of sexual activity are harmful before the age of twenty-four years because that is the time of growth of body systems. And during the period of growth, any kind of sex can cause sexual weakness forever.

The fearful cohabitation creates psychological erectile failure and that is most dangerous than physical impotence.

Sexually transmitted diseases commonly occur through sexual contact with unknown persons. And those are not the only causes of sexual inadequacy but are also life-threatening.


  • Apples, eggs, meat, honey, milk, butter, almonds and pine nuts should be included in daily diet; but after counseling to your physician.
  • Use olive oil as cooking oil.
  • Sleep eight to ten hours daily.
  • Go for morning and evening walks regularly.
  • Do exercise half of an hour early in the morning regularly.
  • Always wear spacious garments.
  • Execute sex in a proper way, which means, only vaginal sex in wedlock.
  • Avoid sexual intercourse, if you are tired, stressed, or depressed.
  • Avoid overworking always.
  • Never smoke and keep yourself away from alcohol.
  • Never indulge in anal sex.
  • Never take the street medicines for enhancement of vigor.
  • In case of any kind of sexual and psychosexual disorder, consult to sexologist immediately.
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