Healthcare Brand Diagnostic

Healthcare Brand Diagnostic


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Wish you all a very prosperous 2009.

Let us begin this year by taking a stock of your Brand. The very new Healthcare Brand Diagnostic is now available to gauge the current strength and potential of your brand. What’s more? You can do a mini diagnostic yourself. Here is what you need to do-

Mark your Brand on a scale of 0-10 for the following parameters:

Question Score
1 – How much does your Name, Logo, Tagline and Brand Colour make you stand apart from the competition?
2 – How much does the Vision statement of your hospital/organization focus on making it different?
3 – How actively does your hospital/organization participate in educating its own staff about the Brand?
4 – How satisfied are your customers about your claims and promises?
5 – How active is the hospital/organization when it comes to getting coverage in the press and media?
6 – How much does the top management support Brand Development activities vis-a-vis short term sales?
7 – How clear are you about your target segments, their size, their ability to buy and their lifestyle?
8 – How popular is your Brand and its identity in the target markets?
9 – Do you have a one year Marketing and Brand plan?  How strong is the plan?
10 – At an emotional level, how connected is the brand to your customer segments?

Brand Strength Scale

100-80 79-60 59-40 39-20 19-0
Very Strong Strong Mediocre Weak Very Weak

Note – A detailed 2 day Brand Diagnostic and Strategy Creation capsule is available. Just reply to this mail or contact through

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