Laws applicable to Pediatric Practice

Laws applicable to Pediatric Practice

Legal responsibility in pediatric practice means the way in which you are bound to obey the laws of the land. Law is set of rules enforced by the administration from time to time through police, court and other law enforcing agencies.

The Central Births and Deaths Registration act 1969: Every birth has to be registered within 14 days and deaths within 7 days.

The Infant Milk substitutes, feeding bottle and Infant Food( Regulation of production, supply and distribution) Act 1992: Regulates the Infant milk substitutes, feeding bottles and infant foods.

Race Relation Act: It is unlawful to discriminate among people on racial grounds.

Education Act 1986: It’s unlawful to use corporal punishment etc.

Children Act 1989: Child Care groups must register with local social services department.

Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act 1980: Children of divorced parents are snatched from the legal custodian, and this act protects.

Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act 1974: To manage the increasing problem of Juvenile delinquency and further prevention.

National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act 1988: Research on vaccine related adverse reactions.

Child abuse prevention and treatment act 1974: Research on identification of causes, prevention, and treatment and for the establishment of regional child abuse centre.

Child Labor protection and regulation act 1986: Protects against Child labor.

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