Acrylic Museum Jars

Preparing Acrylic Museum Jars A limited range (in size, thickness and quality) of glass containers are available for mounting of museum specimens. It has always been a problem finding jars for smaller specimens like embryos and small bones. Large jars capable of accommodating specimen like the entire thorax or abdomen is also hard to find. […]

A Clinical study of Primary Open Angle Glaucoma in Hospital Patients

Primary Open Angle Glaucoma (P.O.A.G) is widely prevalent all over the world. It is usually asymptomatic until advanced stage where there may be either irreversible marked visual field loss or advanced optic nerve head damage or both. So, much emphasis is to be given in early diagnosis. The present study was therefore, conducted at OPD […]

Clinical trail of Carcincocin Pap Uterus 30 under the heading Nosode as direct prescription in cases of Cancer of Uterus

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