Can you tell us something about Contact lenses?

Can you tell us something about Contact lenses?

The idea of fitting a contact lens to correct vision is not new. It has been known for nearly a century that for the perfect correction of defective sight the lens should be put directly over the eyeball. Today’s contact lenses are so small that they cover only the coloured part of the eye. These lenses are known as micro-corneal lenses. The minute and transparent plastic contact lenses move with the eye and allow the wearer an unrestricted field of vision which is so uncommon to the wearer of spectacles. Contact lenses are a scientific advancement on ordinary glasses. Contact lenses start when ordinary glasses fail. In certain eye conditions they are the only solution and vision can be improved only by their fitting scientifically and properly.

How long can contact lenses be worn continuously? Contact lenses can be worn from ten to fifteen hours confinuously.

Do contact lenses cause any adverse effect on the Eye?

If they are properly fitted, then they do not cause any adverse eftect, as they float above the tear secretion.

Can a contact lens wearers sleep with the lenses on?

No. One should not sleep viith contact lenses on.

Can a person with contact lenses take part in Sports?

Yes. A person wearing contact lenses can take part in sports except swimming and boxing.

Is there any age limit for wearing contact lenses ?

Any person who con take care of contact lenses con have them.

Can contact lenses be worn in Punjab climate without any harm?

Yes they con be worn comfortably.

How comfortable are contact lenses ?

When all day wearing time has been achieved (usually within 4-5 weeks) the contact lens wearer is no longer aware of them and can wear them comfortably all day.

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