Chronic vs. One Time

As a consultant, there are dozens various ratios and data that I have to analyze for my client hospitals. There is one ratio that has been gaining importance of late. This ratio is about the chronic patients visiting hospitals for regular treatment and the ‘one time’ buyers of hospital services. Chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertension, […]

What is Marketing?

In the recent months I had the opportunity to speak at some conferences. While it makes me proud to be the youngest speaker in almost all the conferences that I go to, it also poses an intriguing challenge. Many people get confronted by the youngster who profusely uses the words like – marketing, customers, brand […]

Virtues of Brevity

Do you indulge in self praise? Well, once in a while, most of us do. We want to tell others about us else they may make a wrong impression. The same logic goes while we want to tell them about our hospital and its services. If you have been wondering as to why your boards […]

Yield Management

This month, let me talk about yield management. This is a concept which is widely used by the airlines industry. In a way, we can copy it in the healthcare scenario as well. The airline calculates the revenue a particular flight will generate if all the seats are taken at the maximum price that the […]

Customer Delight is the Key!

People choose one hospital or doctor over another based on how they are treated as human beings than any other parameter Let me give you a secret for marketing of services. It is more about the experience and emotion than it is about the product and its features. Contrary to what I just said, many […]

Lessons From A Salesman

Everyone is selling something or the other all the time, and even a doctor sells the idea of a healthy life to his or her patients. Therefore, it is imperative to learn what effective salesmanship is, says Vivek Shukla Sales is no longer considered a dirty word. Gone are the days when salesmanship was associated […]

High Involvement Businesses

Anything that required a higher amount of involvement in terms of money and risk is a high involvement business. Hospitals are a high involvement business. Buying a match box may be one the lowest involvement decisions a customer will ever make. On the contrary getting a bye pass surgery done may be one of the […]

Barriers to purchase

There is an old saying- ‘I live in a box which is in a tunnel, which is under the sea. If you want me, find me.’ Barriers to purchase, as the name suggests are the various barriers that the consumers have to overcome in order to buy a service or a product. The barriers can […]

Functional Electrical Stimulator for correction for drop-foot

Functional Electrical Stimulation: Opportunities In Clinical Application For Correction Of Drop-Foot Abstract: Electrical stimulation has been sporadically used in the treatment of hemiplegia. Reported benefits include decreasing spasticity, providing a supplementary means for range of motion exercises, increasing strength, increasing speed of walking and improving local blood flow in a paretic or paralyzed limb. Some […]

Traumatic Paraplegia

Modern Trends In Orthopaedics The history of broken spine with paralysis of limbs is bleak. There was no hope of reversing paralysis due to spinal cord injury. The hopelessness and helplessness experienced by patient and doctor until the present time has been expressed by the writer of the Edwin Smith surgical papyrus in 1700 BC […]

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