Effective Communication

A gentleman I met in a conference recently, said- ‘The spelling of communication is- LISTEN.’ A very good thought. I pondered, though, how many people actually would listen to his communication. The technology of communication has advanced beyond imagination. Cell phones, sattelite phones, e-mails, blogs, etc. are some things that our ancestors would have never imagined. […]

Carrot and Stick

The most common and easiest way to manage people in your organization is by instilling fear in them to get the job done. But this is also the least effective way in the long run. The bubble does burst. Finally, people leave the organization and they gossip and dissuade other people from doing their jobs […]

Branding for Awareness Vs. Branding for Liking

As a hospital, you have a limited opportunity to announce your services. The world today is awfully cluttered with messages. Hundreds of people are trying to draw your attention towards them every day. Newspapers, billboards, radio, TV, internet and everything else that you can imagine is being used to spread the message. People on the […]

Message Prediction of Preeclampsia. How good is the estimation of levels of calcium, magnesium and lactic dehydrogenase as biochemical markers?

Objective: This study was undertaken to develop a predictive markers for preeclampsia using serum levels of calcium, magnesium, and lactic dehydrogenase as biochemical markers and to predict the severity of pre eclampsia. Study design: This was a prospective case control study conducted during 2000 to 2002 in a tertiary care maternity unit. Total of one hundred and […]

Branding and Recruiting

I was reading the daily newspaper with morning tea this morning. My eyes, by default, get stuck with any print which has any close or remote connection with ‘healthcare.’ A medium sized hospital in Delhi had placed an ad for recruiting an administrator and a few nurses. What struck me about the ad was that […]

Integrated Marketing

The world is raving of integrated marketing for some time now. I thought, why not research its relevance to healthcare marketing. It did not take any time to figure out that healthcare marketing is incomplete without integrated marketing. What is integrated marketing? Well it is a concept which underlines a very practical aspect of marketing. […]

Need for Medical ethics

For the last few years, society has witnessed a degradation in medical fraternity. It is true that there is a general demoralization of society, but the doctors have gone far from “Noble Profession” to commercialization. AS soon a a medical graduate leaves the institution, he forgets the sacred “Hippocratic Oath” There is a long pending […]

Challenging Assumptions

Of late I have been realizing that no progress can be made without challenging assumptions. All the progress we have seen in the world is because of some human being having the courage to challenge the assumptions. He did not fear the ridicule or the mockery that other gave to him. People always thought that […]

Medical Tourism

Recently I spoke in a Medical Tourism Congress in Malaysia. It was a well attended conference with top industry leaders as speakers. I have brought a few points from there to share with you. Hope you will find them useful. • Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok treats about 400,000 foreign patients in a year! Compare this […]

An Innovative Marketing Idea

Last week I met a doctor who runs a trust [apart from running his own hospital] in Mumbai. The trust is running a library which has earned the distinction of being listed in the Limca Book of Records. The library houses largest information on myriad healthcare topics in the world. As both of us got […]

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